Things Not To Say At Your Work Xmas Party

A list that might help you feel better about coming in to work on the Monday morning….

  • Well no, I actually don’t really have any motivation to stick around past Orientation
  • I’m not particularly fond of the next editor. I think we’re just ummm very different people….
  • I never wanted to sell advertising
  • I want to write. None of you fuckers have ever given me any credit for it, but I’m actually a good writer.
  • You guys never said thank you even once this year, why the fuck should I struggle and get abused by manic restauranters to get you guys free food?
  • No it’s actually not fucking in my job description
  • While I agree with you that yes, maybe volunteers deserve some rewards, that’s not actually MY responsibility
  • Oh you like girls? Well I’ve always thought you were real hot and I know you’re going away in a couple of days for three months and all… (I think I managed to leave before I broke this one out)

    On a different note, since we’re just amongst friends in this entry, how would you lot like to be refered to? Fans? Hubrisettes? Hubriscakeers? Minions?

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