One More Sleep

It amuses me that after Heather-who-must-be-obeyedtold people she was going to give them Xmas Cards if they signed up and I had to up the ante, three more people signed up. You have until the end of the day to become a Hubrette if you want to be in on Xmas Goodness, and then that’s my cut-off point. Of course you can still become a Hubrette after that, but Santa might not be so generous.

Tonight I am going to my parents’ house for a Thanksgiving Feast and to see a Hot Dutch Boy. Well, I only imagine he’s hot because he’s Dutch and as we know, all Dutch boys are hot, like boys from Canadia eh. He’s the son of my parents’ friends, and when we lived in Germany we used to stay with them a lot. When Mum asked me if I wanted to show him and his pregnant girlfriend around town, I was like “umm what would I talk to them about?” and she was all like “Well, you guys always used to play Playmobil together” and I was like “hmm, well I suppose 20 years on, I could bust out my stuff – except that he had much cooler stuff like the Western Town.” Now I am full of Playmobil nostalgia. The website’s pretty good, although Playmobil has changed since my day. They still have the ghost though, and the Victorian House sets which were the last kind that I bought, although they’re more fancy now. And I had the Indian Camp which came in handy when I built lego forts for my Pioneering Playmobil to defend. Shame that the Indians won so often and all the women got raped really. You know that junk(ish) store on Lower Cuba St that has a giant Playmobil boy in its window? If you were to accquire that for me, I would love you for all eternity.

Okay anyways, I must try to put that site aside for now. But I WANT IT ALL okay? Cool. One day I will be a wealthy hipster with a basement rec room and I will assemble all my playmobil goodness on a huge big table and have a funny hat to wear whilst doing so, like a model train enthusiast. And then oh how laid I will get. I do believe that my point was that after tonight I will be taking Momma’s car, and tomorrow I will be driving up to the Auck, so if you would like to see me, you know what to do – 0212127920. Rock’n roll.

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