Hammy is SHRN

I am in Hamilton. If I wasn’t (or technicality afterwards) at Chelsea’s wedding after-party, I’d be all pretending it was Fiji Baby, but since I am, I’m all about the dude, fake fur (it was fake right?) white fur coat with a wedding dress is like SO HOT RIGHT NOW without even the SHRN irony but also just REAL COOL and I know when you played ‘Mandy’ it was Angel Irony yeah? Yeah!

Anywauyus, so like, I am in hammy. Specifically righty now i am at a motel right by the airport polishing off the minibar. The best surface to dance on is the soft rug of Richard’s parents’ place and if his dad hadn’t been so nice I would wantm to mug him and steal his blazer. Assming like, you know, that it would fit me, which it wouldn’t, so he is safe.

Let’s get married? And it’s not even for the appliances. It’s for the love (like ,the reception love, rather tha n the “we will spend the rest of our lives together love”).

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