Out on The Streets

o this morning when I asked J where the vacuum cleaner bags were, she told me that her and V were moving out to get a two bedroom. !. !!!!. FUCKING HOORAY! The not so hooraying bit is that she’s offered the lease to K, which is fair enough since K’s lived here longer, but K’s moving in with friends, so she’s going to think about it. I doubt K’s plans include me. Anyway, if K takes the lease and doesn’t want me, then I have to find a new place to live. If K doesn’t take the lease, then I have to find 3 new flatmates. I am very very excited.

EDIT: K’s taking the lease. I’m homeless. I have emailed Katy Troop to find out if she wants to get a place together when she comes back from overseas. If she doesn’t, I will cry.

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