Housing and Swedish Meet-Balls situations

Is there really a whole ‘nother hour til lunch? That’s a shame. Even if I did only get here an hour ago. Sigh.

When Brad and I played The Golden Globes game on Monday night, we really really sucked. We ended up tied on eight points each. He was slightly ahead following his heart, and I was slightly ahead following my head (you get two votes in each catergory – one for what you think will win and one for what you want to win). When I heard my flatmates coming home, I was like “watch this, check out the scowl”, and lo and behold, V laid a huge pearler of one on me. At least she’s predictably evil.

Wait, you’re like “omg Jo, are you like, homeless and shit?” right? So you don’t want to hear about what I’m thinking about for lunch cos you’re freaking out that I don’t have a roof over my head. That’s really sweet of you. Okay, so I’ll tell you the dilly. I emailed Katy yesterday, and she wrote back and said that yes, she did want to go flatting with me, so I gave J my two weeks-notice-as-of-yesterday yesterday and started packing up my room. In 11 more sleeps there will be no more getting the stink-eye from V. I am very very excited about that. I suspect she caught me doing the fingers to her back yesterday and I don’t care one little iota. The fact that yes, I’m moving back in with my parents for a couple of weeks is offset by the glee of knowing I will never have to see her again and she can continue to hate me and I won’t have to feel her hate vibes radiating through my walls anymore. So yes, on the weekend I’m going to make a pilgramage up to Pram’ to drop off most of my stuff at Oma’s, and then the weekend after that I will take the rest up, apart from a few things (like oh, you know – Sebastian) which I will take to Momma’s. And then I will wait for Katy to come back, and hten we will find a place and I will buy a shiny new sofa, and it will all be grand and wonderful.

In honour of all that, Karen, Anji and I went to Rouge and answered the question “who the hell would pay $18 for bread and dips?”. I purchased some packing tape and went home and boxed up my bed linen, most of my dvds & videos and the books that were in my room. I have a question for you – does anyone know of an organisation in Wellington that would like old text books? They’re mostly of a communications and multimedia nature. Whilst throwing out large piles of crap I came across some St Johns Wort tablets and was like “ding ding ding! Oh yeah, I KNEW there was something that I’d started taking which had made the not being on celepram easier…” so I’m going to be reintroducing them into my daily life from now on (of course, having said that, I didn’t take one this morning).

Tonight Karen and I are going to the preview of Alexander since the divine KateH hooked me up with free tickets. We don’t have very high expectations of it. I’d like to hope that the movie will contain my favourite line from a text book ever – “Alexander was suprised to find Darius and his armies in his rear” – because hey, you’d think you’d notice – but somehow I doubt it. However, there is the hot Angelina. And Jared Leto. Other hott people in my life lately (haha, look how tragic I am that I say that they’re in my life. Shut up.) include Bobby Briggs and Audrey Horne – and of course Dale Cooper. I just finished watching all of Season One of Twin Peaks, and fuck, I thought it was cool when I was ten, but it’s so much cooler now. Bobby makes me cream my panties. Hehehe I said “panties”. Actually I was listening to Nick Cave this morning, and when he said that word I swear I blushed. Dearie me. I’m still listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs non stop (thank you Irie, and hi!) and also Patti Smith.

Now, speaking of consumption, let me invite you to join my Country Club! Once a month, a different country will be selected, and we’ll eat food from there, and drink their drinks, and try to play their music, and everyone would be charged with learning five interesting facts about the country that we could discuss over dinner, and then maybe we’d watch a movie from that country. You want to join up, right? You don’t have to come to every country, of course, but you should try to. I suspect that the first country will be Sweden, so I’m just trying to sort out my life, and wait for Kitchen Studies to start at the Paramount and then I’ll organise a night. Being Sweden, Absolut vodka will feature prominently on the menu, so we’ll do it on a Friday or Saturday night. My sister Karen, who lives near the Paramount has agreed to host it. I’ll get back to you about the date.

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