My Mind Is Not Here

There are lots and lots of things that I am TREMENDOUSLY excited about right about now.

The first is FOUR SLEEPS til something super duper happy chappy, and I’ve already put it in place. Hopefully it will make someone else as happy as it is making me to just think about.

The second is that when I went to Hamilton I pretended it was Fiji, baby. Now I am going to Fiji, and I won’t be pretending it’s Hamilton. Kateb emailed me two days ago and said “Do you want to go on holiday in two weeks time or at the end of May? We could go to the Gold Coast or Fiji” and so I said “yes please,” and went to Flight Centre and now I just have to confirm our booking and pay for it. I will be spending the night of Saturday May 28th in Auck, if you wanna see me, and then Friday 3rd of June, which is inncidently Penny’s birthday, and she just got engaged! Hurray!

The third is television. Gilmore Girls daily! Scrubs! Lost! THE MOTHERFREEKING O.C coming back real soon! Also, how cool is it that Mutton from The OC played a whore in Firefly? So good.

The fourth is that I got a pay rise yesterday. I’m not sure yet how much, but I think it’s probably a 25% pay rise. That’s quite substantial. It’d be more substantial if said pay rise was for my day job rather than for my REAL job, but hey, still, yay! (edit: it was 25%)

You know why I need these things. They’re what keep me from completely going crazy. Suprisingly I have cut down on my use of the phrase “I would like to put my fist through so&so’s head”, I guess because 2/3 of my arch nemisisisisis are now gone since I’ve left the Nu’Town (bus driver, flatmate). I’m searching for ways to get rid of the remaining one, and as soon as I find one, I’ll be done. And then I’ll get some more arch nemisisisisis, because what is life without them?

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