Take Cold Showers Every Day, & Throw My Life Away…

Sometimes I feel like I must appear to be such an asshole to the outside world. I’ve cut down my “you’re a fucking idiot” type posts on NZm, but there’s twice as many bubbling inside me (and to my defence, this is possibly the funniest topic ever, especially given what a fuckhead that poster has shown themselves to be in other topics. And if he’s a made-up troll, then he’s doing an unbelieveable job!). I bought Brazilian beer yesterday just cos I liked the packaging and I’d never seen it before (it’s labeless, with yellow and green paper over the cap). I bought a Lindsay Lohan movie at the same time as I bought a Michael Winterbottom one. I’m a fucking asshole. Perhaps I’m not quite as bad as Anji, who wrote the answers to those dumb picture puzzles in the Dominion Post next to them in the cafe today at breakfast, but still….

As an asshole, I am well within my rights to bitch about the wind and the cold and the fact that I am forced to wear a hat and scarf in my office in winter, and now complain about how it was probably close to 30 degrees in there on Thursday. I left on the dot of five to go home to cold beer and a cold shower, and the editor was like “oh, you’re not staying for the party?” Party? Oh yeah, the BYO liquor, BYO pizza money in the office “party”. Right. What a shame I missed that one. I also skipped a workmate’s party last night because while she’s great, it was a combination of her party and her 18 year old son’s. I’m not sure if I could handle the young boys. Worse case scenario, I would have ended up ‘handling’ one of them, and that’s never a good thing. Plus the party was in Wilton, which is in the middle of the bush, so it wasn’t really a logistic possibility, unless I was to not drink, and drive instead. Yeah right. It’s okay though, cos she didn’t actually give me the address until I saw her yesterday in the supermarket, so I didn’t have much planning time any way.(*)

Since Mum & Neil are away in Martinborough for the weekend – Mum’s doing the fair, but they decided to spend two nights there in order to save early morning trips, and just so they could have a mini break (haha Bridget) type thing for Mum’s birthday – I have been very rapidly spreading mess through the house, which no doubt i will have to pick up in a mad dash before they come home. I watched Return of The King – the extended version – last night, but their TV’s sound was so good I had to leave the lights on cos it was a little scary. When did i become such a wuss?

Today I am dancing around in my panties and singlet to The Sisters of Mercy. Well, I’m not dancing very much. A shake here or there and then it’s too damn hot and I have to stop. I’ve had two showers already. I had brunch today with Karen and Anji at Coco. I wanted to go to Yum Chow, but Anji had dinner there last night. Anyways, the corn fritters at Coco were, as it happens, great, and a good time was had by all. Then I drove home via The Warehouse in J’Ville, where I purchased a singlet in a size 6 sizes smaller than the bra that I also bought, but it fits and it is the SHRN Yellow, and plus, it was $4. Meanwhile, the bra cups are a little too big on Ashley and rattling around on Mary-Kate, but you get what you pay for, and plus, it’s damn near impossible to find small enough cups with a big enough back. Other things that i’ve been doing is mixing a drop of vanilla essence and a teaspoon of sugar into my parents’ Smirnoff in a bid to recreate Absolut Vanilla, but suprisingly for me, I only had three drinks last night. That’s the most i’ve had all week – three drinks. Something weird’s going on! Surely it can’t be too hot to drink? Surely?

And on that note, it must be cocktail hour…..

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