Make it clique!

If I wanted to pretend to be all oh I’m so political, I’m so intelligent Blogger type, I would say that when I got to work this morning I realised that there was someone asleep on our couch behind a stack of insert boxes, and I whispered to the editor as she was making coffee “do you know that there’s a homeless man crashing in our office?” when she told me it was Matt Nippert, who I have of course met before. Still looks like a homeless tramp but…

But I wouldn’t want to be a political circlejerk blogger. I’d much rather be a cliquey journaller, which means that I get to tell you about how when I was in a three way (chat. Sigh) with Heather and Martina the other night I told them that I was going to leave them for the second sexiest pair of females in the universe (being Lorelei and Rory, of course), and then later on Mary-Kate&Ashley and Hilary. Oh it’s funny to me.

You’re sending me Valentine’s Day Cards aren’t you? Just remember that my PO Box (600, Wellington) isn’t entirely mine, so you’ll need to put my full name (Joanna McLeod) and the name of the part of the organisation that I work for if you know it on there. If you don’t, it’ll still get here, just slower.

Last night me Karen and Anji made a three course meal for Mum’s birthday, which is actually today, but it’s our first production night so god knows when I’ll be able to get away. We figured if we cooked her dinner it would reduce the chances of a repeat of the drama over Neil’s birthday dinner, and we had it at Karen’s house, since Anji’s is too small. I did the entree, which was individual pear, blue cheese and walnut tarts, which I think I have finally perfected. We drank a Pegasus Bay Sauvigon Semillion with that, which cut through the cheese really well (hehehe cut the cheese). For the next course Karen made a salad of chicken baked in orange juice and chilli, strawberries, almonds and various other goodies, and we had a Rymer’s Change Rose with that, which I first tried at that winery when Karen and I went to the Hawkes Bay in 2003. It was all strawberry like, and the most gorgeous colour, and it was an excellent match. Then Anji had made four fancy espresso mousses in champagne flutes, and one small bowl of leftovers when she realised that for nearly twenty five years now there have been five members of the McLeod family, with which we had almond biscuits and a Saints Noble Semillon dessert wine. Oh what a splendid dinner it all was, and a thoroughly good time was had by all. You know what I’d really like to receive for Valentine’s Day? You know, besides like, a valentine in general? A vineyard. Yeah!

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