Something about peanuts and monkeys

And something about being able to count at least five different fonts in BODY TEXT across 64 pages (well, taking out full page ads and the cover 57). Something about lacking punch and cohesion. Something about thankless work and fuckheads. Something about the fear in their eyes that I enjoyed so much that I kinda wanted to sabotage things except that that’d have meant staying longer. Something about how I almost don’t want to lock this entry to level two (hi anyone who’s reading this! Thank you for commenting enough for me to have bumped you up a level / being a good friend) because I’d fucking love to get fired so that I can go on the dole straight away. Something about AAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGGGGH and the proofreading that I haven’t done and am worried about how the rest of the magazine will read. Did I mention the multiple fonting? And the pages which weren’t columnised?

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