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Thanks for your ideas on the last project. Now I need you to write a 120 word profile of me for a Contributor’s Page. Go on, you know you wanna (admittedly I think I’ve written mine, but I’d be interested in hearing your ideas anyway).

Sometime this week I am going to Swan Lake. Ahh the ballet – do do do do do do etc. On sunday I’m going to go and watch Brad dance like a horse in his latest production. Unfortunately no animal costumes will be involved. There was, however, someone dressed like a camel at the Auckland Zoo the other week. I heart people in animal costumes.

I have eight and a half more workdays left here before I am jobless. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I really must buy some more St John’s Wort, because this latest bout of “I am teh useless, I am teh suck” has coincided with not taking any.

In geeky updates, I finally got Season Six of Buffy on DVD yesterday. While it was originally the first season I bought, video is so 2002. Imagine my glee at discovering that you can just turn on the subtitles for the commentary tracks, rather than having to turn on the subtitles for the speaking whilst listening to the commentary! And the glee at panel discussions being on there, and also being able to watch ‘Once More With Feeling’ every single day without having to rewind. I already have the songs stuck in my head without having watched it this time. Now my Whedon collection is complete, what will I do? I remember years ago when I was buying some of the DVDs at Real Groovy (on promo CD trade in money) the girl behind the counter was like “Oh yeah I can’t wait for the Charmed box set to come out” and I was like omg stfu they’re nothing alike.

I’m still working on my huge big Journal Footnote Restoration Project, and I’ve discovered a whole bunch of hidden files which I’d forgotten about, which is great cos they add a whole new layer. Imagine me feeling embarrassed when a boy moaned “oh baby” at me in the heat of the moment. In fact, imagine me freaking out at touching a penis for the first time. And then a year or so later there was the worry that i’d sent a topless photo to someone unscrupulous – dearie dearie me. I posted this comment in someone’s blog this week

“To grossly generalise, Bloggers put links all over the place and think that they have political leanings and important opinions. Journallers used to write in very small verdana font and are all about the navel gazing woe-is-me, my life is pain and I am such a special individual snowflake, no one understands me” followed up by “Oh, and further to my definition, bloggers are all metaphorically giving each other oral pleasure, with the “so and so posted this and it’s great” cross linking, while journallers are all doing each other in real life”

(see where it says “oral pleasure”? I wanted to say “sucking each other’s cocks” but thought that would be rude). I am so over people with blogs, but all the journallers died. Or at least their journals did. Other amusing revelations from file digging has turned up the fact that while I was the only member of the Millennium Club to graduate on time, the others are either with baby or with husband now.

What else? I think that’s pretty much it. So yeah, contributor’s profile please. Or if you don’t want to write about me, post yours.

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