The Waiting Room

These are the things that I feel like my life is on pause for, the things that I either want or suspect are on their way, in no particular order:

  • Garden State on DVD. I need need need to possess that film, as soon as possible. Part of this craving has been brought on by the episode of Scrubs in which my future husband’s father dies, and Ed sits in the bath drinking a lot of beer. I downloaded the Frou Frou track from the end of the movie, and it still makes me gulp, but I need the movie. If there’s anyone reading this in the States, or anywhere else that it’s already available on DVD, I’d be very happy to trade with you?
  • A blow up at work. I’m incredibly resentful that the accountant has told me that no, I will no be getting my residual commissions for the ads that I’ve already booked – which, given that I’ve booked about 20k so far for the rest of the year is about $2000 worth. That is such bullshit. I am very unhappy. I’m also pissed off that people I don’t like have been invited to my goodbye drinks – although admittedly another girl is leaving too. Nevermind. I have some thoughts on how my goodbye speech will go. Six more days. That’s 48 hours. That’s not too bad.
  • A new job. I had an interview yesterday that went very well, as I knew it would because a) I could totally do everything listed in the job description and b) my outfit was practically the same as that of the girl who I am replacing. I’m worried that they think I won’t enjoy it because it’s not all writing, so I said to them that hey, no one’s paying me to sit in a chair all day and eat chocolate, so I know no one would pay me to write crazy all day long either. I have another interview with them next Wednesday. Sheesh, way to string it out! Knock on wood – the wood in this case being my parents’ very solid Rimu dining table that my daddy made 30 years ago (Can you believe that 28 year old people use to do like, carpentry and shit? Crazy. Most of my friends would be lucky if they could replace a fuse. Then again, I did just watch the debut of Nigel’s TV show tonight Pop Goes The Weasel which was ace and I feel bad that in old entries I refer to him as Not-A-Team-Player-Nigel, and one of my Hubrettes is the lovely Jane Yee from C4 – and of course all of the rest of you have jobs that my father probably couldn’t do as well. Anyways). Obviously I have to do some more job applications as well.
  • Housing. Okay so it looks like I will be here until I come back from Fiji, cos Mum and Neil are going away for a month at the end of April, and they want me to look after Pixie, and of course Mum put it like “it’d be better for Sebastian to be here with us while you’re away” and I’m a sucker for whatever’s best for him, although he got beaten up something chronic yesterday, poor kitty. But I want a house of my very own! Katy’s living with Ayna for $50 a week right now in town, so she’s in no hurry to go anywhere. In fact, she seemed very uninclined to talk about it, so i’m kind of worried, but I won’t think about that now because there’s no point.
  • The new season of The Gilmore Girls which starts on March 20. The fifth season of Angel which starts god knows when. Maybe after Firefly has finished its run?
  • Finishing all my projects that I have on the go right now. I imagine that it’ll take me a while to find a job, so I might get time. Hopefully I’ll have inspiration too.
  • International recognition for just what a special unique snowflake I am, large sums of money and a pair of high heels that are comfortable to wear.

    Why the fuck do I want high heels? What the fuck is wrong with me?

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