You know what? I probably won’t have a chance to finish off the stories about my trip to Fiji before I go to Rarotonga.

Oh yes, that’s right, I am off on another holiday, this time to see my lovely best-friend-from-high-school, Penny get married, thanks to Mai FM. Hell, I might even show up in New Idea. But I doubt it. I will no doubt cry though, because that’s what you do at weddings, right? Except at Dee’s cos of the fluoxetine, but my face hurt enough.

My 25th birthday’s on Friday! You can send me presents to PO Box 19090, Wellington. You should also come to my party on Saturday night, at 8pm, and you can find the address for that here if you’re a level two Hubrette, or you can email me (anything at my domain name) and ask me, because I really would like you to come. Even if you’re a NAZI or a right wing fundie. Fo’ serious. And if you’re like “but Joanna, I’m a little older than you” (cos you’re pretending that you’re Courtney Love and I’m Julian Casablancas, which is fine with me), you should know that it’s Anji’s party too, and she’s like, totally thirty something.

EDIT: Also, if I understand my user stats correctly (and I could be wrong) sometime last week I got my 10,000th unique visitor since ummm december. That’s pretty rad. And when I say unique I mean like a special snowflake – if you’re a hubrette then according to these stats you’ve only visited once (or twice if you changed computers or browsers. So it’s not like it’s one stalker guy hitting the refresh button over and over again. Of course it could be one stalker making his way around all the Internet cafes. But it’s not).

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