No Celebration Tonight

OK, hi, I’m not Joanna…she’s currently indisposed, so she asked me to hack her site and leave a message for anyone that was planning on partying with her this evening…

Poor lass has been sent to hospital because of a run-in with a fijian mosquito. Instead of partying, go visit her and take lots of presents please.


EDIT: this is Joanna. After spending six hours at the doctor’s, having them fumble to insert IVs to give me antibiotics since most of my left leg was BRIGHT RED WITH DISEASE, and having wounds descabbed and cleaned and I was crying all the way through and then they sent me to A&E where a gyno took me upstairs and prodded my ladybits because what was a small bump has now become LIKE I AM GROWING A PENIS. Holy fucking ouch. Tomorrow I am having surgery under general anistethic to drain it. I wish my painkillers were stronger. I have cried all day like a big baby.

Kids, if your mosquito bites go a little icky, go to a doctor STRAIGHT AWAY. Please.

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