Thou shalt adopt my lingo

Today we’re link-crazy with hot and not lists!

Things that are Fetch:

  • The Onion using the word ‘vagina’ in its headlines today. Next stop – the NZ Herald
  • Describing Christian Pastor Token ‘Rocker’ on NZ Idol as “The Merkin” (thanks Robyn)
  • Having chorizo sausages in the fridge with which to make Spanish Fried Stuff for dinner tonight (chorizo; lots of garlic; agria potatos; red onion if we still have one, white if we don’t; fresh parsley and chives; large glugs of extra virgin (just like me!) olive oil)
  • Canton for dinner on September 9th. That’s not like “Mama’s making Canton, doesn’t take long” bullshit, it’s the bestest Chinese food (according to me) in NZ and it’s in Kingsland and I will be there and so should you.
  • My bands in The Rock Star Game: The Hubrettes as angry indie rock, Princess Tiare as angry girl folk, and DJ Hubris as an elusive charismatic genius.
  • All the great map-graphs over at Wellurban, like Staggering distance which should enable you to always be within five minutes of a decent martini, and Where the boys are, which should help us all with that drought.

    Things that are Gay for Mark:

  • Having no money cos of paying for my tickets to Auckland.
  • Being too lazy to make a page of my photos of Fiji (which the clever ones of you will have already found on flickr) into a page.
  • Having to move over to the other building tomorrow. I’m happy to be there, but I hate moving.
  • Having to TWOP last week’s episode of Veronica Mars while I’m still not familiar with who is who cos all the damn boys look the same.
  • The season finale of The Gilmore Girls last Sunday. Not that it was crap, but because a) I knew what was going to happen (damn online gossip columns) and b) it was the finale, and that’s never cool.
  • The pitiful amount of submissions that I got for The Ultimate Wellingtonisa Cocktail. Boo. Don’t the rest of your lives revolve around your next drink like me?
  • The quite a few of you new Hubrettes who’ve signed up – which is great – but haven’t commented or introduced yourselves. I know you’re logging in, it’d be swell if you wanted to let me know who you are, or that you’re an active participant, so I can elevate you to new levels of delight!
  • My having to convert to Judaism because of my two future husbands, Zach and John Safran.

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