Fibre. You know, the moral kind. Not the poo kind.

Am I the only person in the world who has any kind of moral fibre at all?

No I’m not talking that kind of bullshit, no sex before marriage, all gays are going to burn in hell shit, and you bloody well know that. I’m talking about people being decent human beings to the rest of the human race.

So tonight, Katy asked if i wanted to go to a party with her before Atomic. I like going to parties, so of course I was like “yes”. And so we met up at The Krazy Lounge, and went off to a party(*).

For the greater part of this party, Katy and I sat in the hidden courtyard off Ghuznee St, drinking and probably talking a little about boobs, before I jumped into the conversation on the other side of me about Peter Dunne, and I was like “no, he’d not actually a good politician to have in power, he’s a cunt” and it led to the inevitable discussion about voting for what you believed in (ala Ralph Nader) vs voting for the greater public good (in this case Greens vS Labour). So the guy and I started a big long discussion after he said “I am more likely to vote for National now than I have ever been”. I kept the puppy eating comments to a minimum, because I figured he was actually left wing and I wanted to hear his view points. Interestingly enough, I also said many timesd that I would rather have the ACT party than National in power – and in case you’re not from NZ, I should tell you that ACT are more right (as opposed to left) than National – but the difference is that they’re more socially liberal, and I’ve realised that being socially liberal is more important to me than being economically left. If you would like to blame that on me maybe someday thinking that I might end up with a woman for a life-partner, and thinking she will be curvy, and thinking that being curvy may lead to being more infertile, and being infertile may lead to adoption, and adoption may lead to a need for gay adoption, then that’s fine, but I would hope that there’s some Greater Good in there too. But if you’re trying to understand me totally, you must know that I’ve always been raised to be upper middle class, and that I am in the top tax bracket right now (at least I think I am), although admittedly for a total of 2k, and I do not work hard for my money. So, economically, I live a fairly cruisey life, but I do know that most people don’t. Anyways, so this guy that I got in discussion with was like “wow, you’re so interesting” a lot. He said he didn’t meet many people as good to talk to as me, and in my head I went “just because I am wearing a low cut top does not just mean I am stupid” and when he kissed my hand in my head I went “just cos I’m fat doesn’t mean I’m not dooable”, but if we go back to the theme of this entry, at least he acknowledged a couple of times that he had a girlfriend, even when he was all like “so are you and Katy close? will I see you again?”. He reminded me of JeremE. Later on the balcony at Indigo we got all talking about life and stuff, which was fine, he was good to talk to, but I was a little like if he was my boyfriedn, I would be pissed off.

And then there was Fucktard. You guys dig that this is on level 2 yeah? and that means that if you’re reading this, you’re pretty special. Anyways. So I’d never met Katy’s ex b/f before, I’d only ever heard bad things about him. Tonight she was like “fuck, I just saw Fucktard on the stairs” nd then later I saw her standing by the bar by some guy, so I went over to say hi, and the guy grabbed my pearls, and touched my hips, and was like, “you’re gorgeous, come dance with us”. I was like, okay, gay friend, (would you please stop loving me, gay men?), so I went over, but the guy kept touching me, and pulling me close, so I was like huh, and danced up on Katy, adn was like “is that Dick?” and she said it was, so I was like na uh, you ain’t going to be touching on this ass, and moved away, but he still kept grabbing the hood of my hoodie which was tied around my waist and stuff. I was like no no no no no, so I danced off somewhere else, but still felt his eyes on me. Later when i saw Katy at the bar without him I apologised, and she was like “I saw that, but knew it wasn’t you” and I felt really crap, because hi, how many of my ‘friends’ have done that? At least seven, and that’s counting one of them as one (when it’s like, six now, at least). But then he came up later, and was telling me how hot I was, and I was like “omg, no one tells me how hot I am, this is the stuff I want to” on the inside, but of course, principles, so I was like “please stop touching me” and he was like “but you’re so hot” and I was like “dude, seriously, if you ever want to have sex with anyone I know, then stop touching me” and he was like “anyone you know?” and I was like “OMG YOU ARE STILL HAVING SEX WITH MY FRIEND KATY” but I didn’t say that out loud – instead I was just like “yes, that’s right” and walked away. Then later still Iwas out on the balconey and he was like “i Love your necklace” and I was like “cheers” and didn’t give him a chance to make any pearl necklace jokes or say anything else cos I walked away after he was like “so, having a good night?” and it sickens me that she still went home with him. Yes, if you must, have ex sex (there was a girl in the social group, and I was like hmm, you’re friends with Skank and FuckCunt, but although i was tempted, I didn’t broach the subject with her), but seriously, if your ex was that much of a sleazy asshole, would you still? I mean, I don’t think he was angling for a threesome (but of course, if she’d have been into it, I would have done it). FUCK I HATE THE HUMAN RACE!

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