hott! hott! hott!

Hott news!

Hott food: Pods.

Oh how I love pods. If I ever find out who did the copywriting on the box, I will be proposing marriage. I just want people to get out of the kitchen so I can go and get a glass of milk without the inevitable strange looks that grownups drinking milk generally get. Also a hott food trend: whatever the goat cheese from a great cheeseboard was that I ate on Saturday night at a very pleasent if floorbound gathering I was at.

Hott fashion: Morrocan bead necklaces, turquoise singlet bras, and boobs boobs boobs.

Except not all together. Well, maybe. On Saturday night, Katy had to assure me many times that I didn’t look like white trash. Actually, she never said that I didn’t look like white trash, because she just said that I looked hott – so maybe I could still be white trash? It was probably a bad idea trying to match my eyeshadow to my bra, but I don’t care!

Hott TV: Rockstar: INXS, NZ Idol, The O.C Season One.

Every week I love Rockstar a little more. I’m wondering though why they haven’t done any U2 songs, and I’m thinking it’s because of a HUGE BIG FEUD between INXS and U2. Except that I’ve just this minute remembered that ‘Stuck in a moment’ is apparently about Michael. Oh well, there goes that theory then. Or does it? Meanwhile on Idol, I am drawn in by Steven’s shiny shiny hair, and continuously repulsed by the Merkin, and disappointed in Nik and Teresa. On Saturday night before we went out to Lisa’s (Not Lisa’s, though!), Katy and I watched the first couple of episodes, and then I watched a couple more. So much more betterer than season two! Also hott: getting texts from people I leant my Buffy DVDs to going “Oh my god! Angel’s EVIL!”. Not so hott: people that I leant Angel DVDs to lending them to their friends, who then absconded with them to Australia, probably. Telling me that they will be replaced though is back on the hott list.

Hott way to kill time at work

Move to a new office. Have them give you a morning tea and a string of compliments last week. Be let in on a secret club in response to a scandal. Have workmates set off stinkbombs. Spend the day trying to reconcile transcripts with clips of Michael Hurst talking about Macbeth. Eat too many pods.

Hott personal trend: Agreeing with people when they try to insult you

This one is lots of fun, and incredibly disarming.

Hott entertainment trend: taking Dave over to my parents’ house in an attempt to save their marriage

Thanks to him, Mum can use the computer again. In the meantime I got drunk. Just for a change.

Hott shopping trend: everything in sight, but especially headphones, rechargeable batteries, groceries, hotel rooms, lip gloss, salt scrub and corona.

Every fortnight I seem to spend most of my pay packet in one go. I’m sure that’s probably a bad thing.

Hott sex life

Sigh. I suppose that’s what the rechargeable batteries are for.

Hott SRHNness: Still me.

So there.

Hott edits: Reasons why I haven’t posted lately

I was kind of busy. On a completely unrelated note:

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