Have I ever told you about my condition?

In the interests of full self-disclosure, I will tell you that it’s late. I’ll tell you that it’s 12.45am if you would like me to be precise, and I will say happily that I have been drinking since 5.30ish. So what’s been going on? And who is John G?

Haha, I totally forgot what I was going to say, cos I was getting all angry at random other sites, and cos I was watching Momento as I’m sure you already gathered from the title, and the I was posting on Well Urban and then I was talking to Calum, and then I was wishing that you all were Tom,(but like, the auldskool one, not Mr. Beard) just because of the Momento jokes that we used to have, and also because while I do still have friends now, I don’t have many injokes with them, and mostly I just have silly MSN animated gif jokes with workmates, and that makes me feel like a dick. Ha ha, remmeber when I had a life and I didn’t work all the time? Really? Cos i’m not sure I do. And to be honest, I don’t know how much I rally have to offer you that’s new and interesting. I mean, I could tell you that I am wirting this journal entry with my eyes shut and I am looking in the distance, but I don’t think tat me being all “oohn other people” is the way to makie me be all cool and stuff. Also, informercials are fucking me off. And, I’m drunk. And, Plan A is officially (OFFICIALLY!!!) dead in the water, so it can snack on my cockhole. K rad, fun


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