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And once again, I think it’s been a while. And once again I’m wondering what I have to tell you that’s new and interesting. I got sucked in to reading old journals again today – that happens way too often, and man, my life was just so much more full of drama. I don’t know if that made me more interesting or not. Looking back, it was intriguing to watch me slide down into darker and darker internal circles – having been through that makes me want to clap my hands together and go “aahhahah it’s not funny because it’s TRUE” when those new depression ads come on, with people talking about how they stopped talking to their friends because they thought that they weren’t interesting enough, and how so therefore their friends stopped calling them and it was all self fulfilling prophecy, etc etc. I really like those ads, I think they get the point across really well, and they have the bonus of being all collector-cardy, like ooh, I can collect the whole set. But I think the point was that I don’t feel like that anymore. There are things I miss about the old me, like the fearlessness that allowed me to speak my mind and take the plunge like giving people the pop quizwhen I wanted to. I wonder if anyone besides me and random search engine guests ever read my archives. I know that if I ever find a site that I really like, I do go back and read it all, like Dooce, or the Julie-Julia Project or whatever. Ha, you can tell that I’ve been doing a lot of style guides for print, can’t you, with the way that I italicised the site names instead of providing links. Well, that or I’m lazy.

What do you want for Xmas? More specifically, what should I buy my family for Xmas? I have some thoughts (SPOILERS! Ha.) – Anji and I have decided what we want to get Cousin Iain & Anny for their wedding present, and she and I also plan on getting Mum some fancy schmancy cushions, and I have two CDs for Karen (Sing-sing (ex-Lush singer) and the new Kate Bush CD), and I want to get Anji a paedo-meter, since she hates children so much (hahah oh the jokes just don’t stop coming), and maybe the Pop Trivia Trivial Pursuit DVD, and I want to get the Who wants to be a millionaire? DVD for Daddy, but beyond that, I dunno. I can tell YOU that I want the Freaks & Geeks box set, and also the Veronica Mars box set as soon as it comes out, cos I’ve stopped TWOPing it cos I’m never actually going to see it, cos I accept that I’ll never actually be home early on a Friday night, especially not with the Xmas season upon us, and the assorted dramas that have happened at work lately. As well as our Xmas party, due to our location we’re going to be having a King Kong party when the movie has its big premiere. Wahoo. Over the holidays our offices are going to be renovated. The girls are moving to the third floor – or um, I suppose that’s actually the second floor, stupid NZ system – and the boys are moving down to where we were. Yes, that’s right, we’re segregated so that there are no interminglings – it’s not that most of the techie staff are male and the project managers are female, oh no. It’s all about stopping the intermingling. One of the guys at work was teasing me and another cow-orker about how we’d gone home in a taxi together on Friday night (oh the scandal of living a block apart!) and said he’d taken a photo of us getting into the cab together. I was like “yeah, the sex I had on Friday night was great – I must have come at least three times” and the other guy was like “huh? I didn’t notice” so I waggled my hand at them, which fits in well with me still thinking “why the hell was I giving a virtual demonstration of my favourite masturbation technique on Friday at Kitty’s?”. Oh the hilarity. I suppose given how much we’d hassled the hassling guy the week before, it was only fair. And in answer to my question about Kitty’s, I suppose it was because I was bought a shot of Green Chatreuse, and my skin started crawling, and I felt really out of it, and was worried that I would end up behaving inappropriately so I nearly went home. But I stayed and talked some more shit and oggled the owner of Boulot some more. Mmmmm proscuitto and rocket pizza. Now that’s what I like to have in my mouth at the end of a long night.

Since I’ve got back into the traditional “this is what I did on Friday, now this is what I did on Saturday” story-telling mode, I will say that on Saturday night the lovely Miss Lisa Fur came and picked me up and took me to her house in Brooklyn where we watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High (“you’re a DICK!”), and the The Office Xmas special. I shed a tear or two. Then on Sunday, Karen came over for a roast and so that she and Anji could finally see the rest of Firefly. I shed a tear or two again.

This bad neighbours TV show just compared willow trees to herpes. Nice. Man, NZ shows are so often so shit – which is why it’s so great that The Insiders[sic] Guide to Love is sooooo good. And on a drama note, Brad was down from Whaka-Carnie this weekend, and so he came over and told me that he got a grant for his trip to Philly – wooo – but he’s also going to organise a School Dance as a fundraiser in February. That’ll be k-rad. I’m suggesting he call it a Prom. Except then I’d need to find a prom dress, and I’m already having enough trouble with how much I’m procrastinating about sorting out my Loveboat costume. A slacker is I. I must say though, that having given up four lunchtimes a week does make it harder to get things done. Except for exercising, of course, which is gradually getting easier. I know I’ve been ranting about this lately, but I’ll put it in again for historic value, so that one day I can look back and laugh like how I laugh when I talk about listening to house music or thinking Pacey was hot (Dawson’s Creek reruns on Sundays! Season one! Excellent!). I am in love with the xtrainer. If I listen to swirly guitar music like the Smashing Pumpkins or The Cure, I can shut my eyes, pretend I’m dancing at a concert and stay on it for twice as long. Hurrah! Ha, I wonder what impression people who are new to Hubris would get from reading that sentence. Yes, once again I am all about how other people see me. That’s cos I’ve been reading about many sessions with Kalpana. Ahh history.

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