101 Stories That I Want To Tell You

So, I’ve made a new zine, and it’s called 101 Stories That I Want to Tell You. If this was an album, it’d probably be a collection of b-sides and rarities, as it contains pieces I wrote as long ago as early 1998. Actually, it contains pieces that I wrote as long ago as early 1986, but not so many of them.

101 Stories is the logical follow-up to BOYS BOYS BOYS BOYS BOYS, except that this time it’s about emotions instead of bodies. There are names, faces, images and photographs in this one. Even if you were the most dedicated fan/stalker I’ve ever had, there will be stories in this zine that you have never heard before.

If it was an album, I imagine that there’d be critics who would say things like “this is a bloated and self indulgent waste of space. Perhaps it should have been cut down to 10 stories instead of 101, and then maybe it would have some resonance”. But maybe that’s just the critic in my head. The point of 101 Stories is not about choosing the finest words, it’s about getting rid of all of the words in me, so that I can wipe the slate clean and start again.

It well and truly does contain 101 (or more) stories that vary in length from a single line to several pages. Featured stories include

  • ‘Fucking Internet – A Story for Annabel’
  • ‘North of Me’
  • ‘The Second Time I Told You I Loved You’.

    There’s also a story in there that I didn’t write, but was written for me, and so therefore I claim ownership.

    101 Stories is 32 pages or 11,404 words long, single sided A4 metal bound.

    How to get your mitts on it

    There are three ways you can get a copy of 101 Stories.

    1. Be the first person to let me know that you have a copy of BOYS BOYS BOYS BOYS BOYS that you can copy and send back to me because I appear to have given all my copies away and I want it back.

    2. Send me something – your zine, a CD, a picture, a letter. My (work) address is Joanna McLeod, PO Box 19090, Wellington, New Zealand. But please do make sure you send me something, a couple of people left me hanging after Boys, and that’s not very nice at all.

    3. Email me and ask me for my bank account number, and put $5 in it. I’m actually paying for the postage of this one, so I kind of need the money.

    In all instances, make contact with me via joanna at hubris.co.nz first so that I know what to expect. The initial print run will be ten copies, and I’m going to hand-number them so you can see how special you are.

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