Bic Runga – Birds

Let’s make one thing clear: Birds is every bit as good as you expect an album from Bic Runga to be, and it’s going to sell quite a few copies. Runga has always had enough confidence in herself to produce her own albums, and for her third effort she has brought a backing band that is a who’s who of NZ talent, including Shayne Carter, Neil Finn and Ricky Gooch. Birds is more melancholic than Beautiful Collision, and far more textured than Drive. The result is something unbelievably exquisite. On the first couple of listens it comes across almost as a little bit country, especially on the bluegrass intro to ‘No crying no more’. Meanwhile ‘Blue blue heart’ is such pop perfection with its thumping piano and “oh la la” chorus it could have been written by mid-career Beatles. Runga shows exceptional control over her voice as it rises and soars over violins in the title track, while when she is backed by singers Anika Moa and Anna Coddington on ‘It’s over’ it is spine tingling and perfect. The intricate details on Birds make it an album to listen to on repeat, as each listen will reveal new beauty.


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