Conversation dissection

Tom has recently contemplated whether or not there is still intellectual discussion going on in Wellington, so I thought I would prove for once and for all that there totally is. Therefore, for your benefit, let me present to you my Friday and Saturday night conversations –



I think I have successfully defended this city’s intellectual reputation. Hell yeah.

Do you know what else I should have done to defend this city? Punched Kerry Prendegast on Friday night. But I didn’t. That fucking bitch was sitting at OUR table at Boulot, by which I of course don’t mean with us, but rather in the spot in which we’d usually sit. Who the hell does she think she is?

Then the hot owner stalked me and Lisa down to Bodega where we were stalking her workmates and their bandmates having left my workmates who were all “oh early night”. I asked for a Main Divide Cabernet Merlot and the bartender searched the fridge for it, so therefore I don’t feel bad about making them stay open cos we sat around until way late. Then Lisa made me popcorn and showed me America’s Next Top Model because she’s awesome like that. And then I stayed up til 5am watching Freaks and Geeks and being a spazz.

Saturday morning I spent texting people to invite them to China @ The Country Club, and adding in grilled eggplant to frozen lasange and extra mozarella. Yuuuuuuuuum. Yay for frozen home-cooked goodness, and a double yay for the fact that I now have a full length freezer so that I might actually be able to fit in a loaf of bread even if the boys have been shopping. I didn’t think I’d go out that night, but then Kartini texted me to say that she was going to Atomic, so I had my arm twisted. The bus was late and full of drunken kids, and it was raining, and we had to walk a long way from Katy’s to Helen’s and my belly was full of pina colada, and oh the pain, but the conversation was great. Katy and Helen are both in Real Hot Bitches, so they busted out a couple of routines to ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ and umm oh I can’t remember now, and it was fantastic. I wish I could learn dance moves more easily than I do.

Atomic was sort of lame. It was full of dicks and ex arch nemisisisis, and I just wasn’t feeling it. I don’t think I’ll bother going again. It’s always the same songs, and the same tricks, and the same song orders, but it was nice to be with the KKK. Lynchings are always fun. My feet hurt today mostly from dancing at Helen’s, but I still mananged to do the big weekly clean and laundry and all. I’m such a homebody. And my head is like clicking into two points of view every half hour, it’s ridiculous. But kind of amusing. I don’t need to go into it any further. And to further add to the mix is the email that I received on Friday that made me run to the bathroom to bang my fists on the wall and howl very quietly. Oh the drama that I make for myself.

Man I’m looking forward to the short week. China is at 5pm on Friday cos Katy’s having a cocktail party that night. I look forward to seeing you there okay? Oh and anyone got any tips for excellent Chinese movies? It doesn’t have to be porny, but it could be, that’d be fine…

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