Rockstar: Supernova – Week 2

These thoughts are going to be really scattered.

So, I compared Matt to Michael Murphy earlier, but I really think his Duran Duran song was fucking awesome. But not what they wanted to hear.

And I don’t want to write up every single performance, but can I just say that Jill Goia is hideous, and that white dress was terrible, but Courtney Love is not wearing a white wedding dress on the cover of Live Through This. In fact, she’s not even on the fucking front cover. Dumbass Dave Navarro.

I want to start wearing eyeshadow like Lukas, but I don’t want to be him. It must be so hard to be homeless – I mean, where could you store your hair products? But I really like his version of ‘Don’t panic’, because I secretly like Coldplay, except for Chris Martin, so it’s nice to hear it sung rougher, and not as whiney, and without Gwyneth imagery.

Why the fuck were those people singing Creed and Tonic? Those are IDOL songs. Bah. And hearing Tonic twice was just super cruel. I suppose I need to try and remember that they don’t get to pick them, but still. They could like, rebel, storm the castle or something. Why are you repeating on us, producers? I expect better from you, Mr Burnett.

I don’t like Phil as a singer, but he seems pretty smart when he talks. Meanwhile, I want to punch Zahyra in the head. I didn’t think Toby’s ‘Somebody told me’ was all that exciting. I delivered a much better performance of it on Saturday night. But I was dressed in a corset, so that probably helped. I’m glad that Chris got booted, just because of the clothes that he wore – first he dresses exactly like Anthony Keidis and then he does a total Brandon Flowers. If these aren’t his choices, he should still stand up and fight’em.

Now I am in love with the reality episodes on the official website, because the whole point is seeing them bitch about each other and stuff. Go the internet!

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