Once again, it appears that it’s time for all the media to talk about the Man Drought (Or perhaps a woman drought?). There’s nothing like a pointless circlejerk on a slow news day is there? But perhaps I’m just grumpy because of it being the Xmas party season and all, and so therefore I could do with a partner to take to my assorted work parties (and so I could go to theirs!) so I could have someone to talk to, but instead, I will console myself with the fact that tomorrow I have to change my work’s website to reflect something that’s happening in the news RIGHT NOW. Oooh political!

Hmm, I like yesterday’s starting paragraph better when I got to mention cunt juice as the very first thing. Today I went to a seminar on digital archiving (I left in the coffee break because it turned out to not really be applicable to me), and one of the men speaking said something about “discharge” and I had to restrain myself from giggling inappropriately as I was surrounded by librarian types. But I did decide that I need to submit Hubris to the National Library archiving system so that people in 10,000 years will still be using the term “mangoing”.

My home life is about as exciting. I’m stoked that my return to regular gyming has led to an increase in energy. Today I actually got a massage at lunchtime instead, on the gym’s weirdass robot massager, that’s like a combination of a waterbed and a spa pool. You lie down on it, fully clothed, and jets of water work up and down your body, but underneath plastic so you don’t get wet. It lights up inside in all different colours as the cycle goes around, but it makes a hell of a noise so I turned up Sigur Ros in my iPod, shut my eyes and felt like I was flying. Mmm vibratory. But yes, increased energy. I walked up the waterfront after work, basking in the glorious weather, but arrived at the Costume Cave too late to find myself a wig for a Swedish outfit for Country Club on Saturday.

So I came home and cleaned the fridge, and took photos of it for your viewing pleasure.

Yes, this is the entire contents of the fridge Smoo and I use. If you want to see a close-up that points out how most things are cocktail ingrediants, check out this picture.

The shiny clean fridge once I was done with it.

Yes, I am embarrassed by it too. So I went out after I had finished cleaning it and bought an eggplant and some strawberries and apples, which are destined for a cake for Sweden. Because everyone knows Swedish apple cakes are almost as famous as their meatballs (which I am also making), right? And while we’re asking questions, does anyone know anything about fridges? Because ours isn’t as cold as it should be and we don’t know why. And yes, we’ve turned it to its coldest setting. The freezer seems fine though.

Now post a picture of your fridge or pantry. Go on. It’s what the cool kids do before they get offline to go watch The Insiders[sic] Guide to Happiness which they just got. Hurrah!

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