Doing it Swedish Style

I skipped work on Friday, because I was feeling like crap. When I woke up in the afernoon, I was feeling much better and able to run many errands and spend much much money on things I didn’t really need, like bottles of brandy, and new Xmas lights and wig hireage. It also made me happy when I went out for a drink with Dylan and Dave that night and there were no gaxies. I made them come to United Video with me to look for Swedish porn, and I think the man browsing in the adult room was unimpressed by Dave taking photos of us. We couldn’t find anything that looked Swedish, although we were tempted by Anal Grannies 4, except that I hear that the sequels lose the magic of the original. Then we ran into Fia on the street who said that Teanau was having his goodbye drinks at the Cambridge Arms so I popped in there after the boys had buggered off, but I only stayed for one drink and then went home on the bus in the rain. I baked a sour cream, almond and apple cake when I got home, but left it in the oven too long because Sebastian was sitting on my lap and I was enjoying our cuddle, so the sides of it are a little too tanned for my liking.

My Saturday day was also about that exciting. I spent a significant amount of it making meatballs, tidying our dining room and stringing up Xmas lights in preperation for Country Club. Oh, and I got dressed up.

If I tell you that I am wearing two mismatched stripey socks, will you know who I am?

Sweden started out really slowly, although Fia and her man showed up on the dot of 8, and we sat around drinking glog. Once again, no one from the tripleK showed up, although Katy had the courtesy to text me to tell me she had to work. I just don’t know how to make them like me and value me, it makes me feel like I’m 12 again and if only I got the right pair of shoes, maybe I’d have some friends. And I know that’s lame. Lisa and Fran came along then, which was lovely, and Dylan came by to drop off the Swedish porn he’d downloaded and burnt to DVD for me, and ended up staying for the smogasbord.

This is what the leftovers looked like in the morning

Fia said that the food tasted Swedish, so I felt really good about that. It certainly went well with the Abba/Roxette/The Hives CD that Fran and Lisa brought over, and the glog went down a treat. Then we watched the DVD, which featured a German cartoon with Norwegian subtitles, and then a couple of standard porn scenes with Swedish girls in them. We all made the standard group-watching-porn kind of jokes that you make. Porn is silly. But at least this was very vanilla stuff, and Fia translated the stunning dialogue for us (who knew that it’d be stuff like “oh yeah baby, you want to do me?”? Sparkling!).

Today I went for brunch with Karen and Mum at the Maranui Surf Cafe, and then I got mesmerized by the piles of things at Briscoes. This afternoon was spent stalking a handful of unsuitable people on the internet (you finished a novel? That is so awesome. I want to read it), and doing the mountains of dishes whilst singing along to Abba/Roxette/The Hives. Now I am watching Poltergiest II although I didn’t bother finishing the first one, and talking pseudo-dirtily to someone else entirely unsuitable. Yes, my life truly is that exciting. Oh, and Smoo cut his hair and now he looks like JD Fortune, except with his shirt done up. It’s all rocking all the time here.

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