Images of life lately

Some photos to illustrate what I’ve been up to lately:

Del and Barbara at the Chocolatea at Karen’s house on Anzac Day

Detailing on my cake plate

Daddy, Del, Anji and Mum at the Wairarapa Wine Night at the Boatshed

The beige party we went to in Kelburn

Ashley and Mary-Kate, and also Mary-Kate & Ashley necklace around the wrong way

Daddy and Anji at High Tea. Mmmm so much food!

Where I ate lunch on Tuesday. That’s the famed lagoon in front and the Boatshed behind for anyone who doesn’t know Welly.

Anji rollin’ for JC as part of the Bowlingtonista crew on Tuesday night.

And in rememberence of the summer past, here’s the Love Tent at Country Club Australia, with Jimmy faithfully manning the BBQ.

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