…Afternoon delight

  • Item! Last night Barticus and I went up to the uni to see Lani in the Law Revue. Lani was great, the law revue not so much. It still made me wanna do another play though. It’s been ten years since I was last on stage. Ten! Years! It was amusing seeing a boy in the audience that I went to primary school and high school with. He was wearing a suit. I always knew he was going to become a lawyer, but damn, he looked like a grown-up. I, meanwhile was wearing a Threadless hoodie featuring two unicorns humping in front of a rainbow. *Does secret ‘T’ with hands at Lisa*

  • Item! Speaking of Lisa, she is head over heels in love with Steve Sanders. She is constantly calling me up trying to come over to watch more of my season two 90210 DVDs. I think the reason she is so enamoured of him is because of the cropped singlet he was spouting in one of the beach episodes. He makes her as moist as Kelly’s nose flare in the opening credits.

  • Item! I have six weeks left in my current position (my contract is finishing, and I’ve chosen not to apply again, as it’s a two year fixed term, and I don’t think I have more than six months left in me here), so the job hunt is on. The interview I had with the Ministry that my father works for went really well, and they gave me homework to do – writing a communications strategy. I came up with a brilliant idea, and apparently they didn’t have a negative thing to say about me, but they’re going with someone who’s currently working in almost an identical role. That’s okay, I am optimistic about my employability. I would totally be an assest to any company in a comms/writing/editing/party-planning role.

  • Item! I have about six party plans on the go right now. There’s outfit planning for the prom I’m going to on Saturday (by the way, if you see me there, I am totally going to make you slow-dance with me. My sad little inner-twelve-year-old must be redeemed!), then the prize-giving for the end of the Wellingtonista Bowling League (I’ve booked a venue, your team captain should have given you the details), our social club drinks right before that, which has an Office Olympics theme, and then there’s this:

    You’re totally invited to it, but please make sure you dress up, have a backstory to go with your character, and bring some booze. After that, there’s my birthday party in a couple of weeks (Dead Rockstar theme), and then my goodbye drinks, and then the next day I’m going to Rarotonga to party with my family in celebration of my dad’s 60th. Phew!

  • Item! I bowled! Twice! And I didn’t do too badly! That was very exciting, given that the last time that I bowled was when we had a Flat Outing when Thomas moved out of Garland, and so you can probably guess that I didn’t do very well then (although managing to get out of bed and not puke on the lane was an achievement in itself). On Tuesday I even earned a league point for the slowest possible bowl (2.34km per hour). And then I got two strikes, and they were the last bowls of the night, so everyone saw me get them, and basically, I am just teh awesome. I’m really stoked by the support that my friends have given the bowling league too, with Dave stepping up to the plate every week, and Smoo and Anji having bowled as well, and Dyl entering a work team. It makes me feel positive that the Wellingtonista awards will be more supported at the end of the year. And in five years the Wellingtonista will be so huge that I’ll be able to work on it full time and get paid a living wage. Yes indeedy.

  • Item! We got an extra $70 million in the budget, so our director spent it all on fancy cheese from Kirk’s for us yesterday treated us to bubbly and cheese last night that I’m pretty sure he paid for, as it’s also his 60th birthday (and like my father, who is of course an ex colleague of his, he’ll be going to a tropical island to celebrate. I think for my 60th, I will take the Trans-Siberian). Damn that was some good cheese.

  • Item! I bought an entertainment book, so despite my serious budget deficit, I’ll be eating out more often (heh heh heh) and writing it up on the Wellingtonista, like this review of 88.
  • Item! I have a crush on pretty much everyone right now. Except for Steve Sanders. It’s quite amusing really.

  • Item! I went to the Kilbernie pool on Creative Wednesday, and actually swam for half an hour. That’s doing lengths, not floating on my back. Holy crap I was so impressed with myself. I was inspired to go partly because I’ve been meaning to for ages, and partly because I needed to click my hip back in to place after doing it an injury whilst bowling somehow. Swimming in a pool with goggles turned out to be a lot easier than swimming in windy conditions at Oriental Bay – who knew? I alternated between front stroke, backstroke and kicking lengths with a kickboard. My knees ended up feeling a little flappy, so I tried to kick from the hip. Ooooooooooh exhausting! It was so bloody nice to have a spa after that, even though the bubbles weren’t going. Kilbernie has private spa rooms, I felt like Roman princess. Or perhaps a Minoan one. In my togs I am a little more like an Amazonian princess, except with two breasts. Incidently speaking of cutting off your breast to be a better archer, someone from Xero commented while we were bowling that all the girls roll curve balls, and I said it was because our boobs got in the way. Anyone a star bowler out there who can confirm or deny this?
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