Short and sweet

Friday night was Heavenly Burlesque. I got grumpy before hand because there were so many people and they were all running around and it was all crazy and mad, and Karen and I went to sit with Anji and Barbara and there was one seat too few, and then we lost the seats we could have had, and ended up sitting on the sides in the crappy old chairs, and I’d had two lots of caffiene that day, and my heart started going kapow. I thought I was going to stay grumpy, but it turns out that ladies in panties doing tricks with hula hoops and songs about cunnilinguis are good at making me cheer up.

Saturday was a cruisy day and then in the evening Smoo and I went off to Bart’s birthday party. We played a game that involved throwing a hula hoop over a pitchfork, which is actually much more fun than it sounds, and some card game that involved a lot of drinking. Everyone liked the cake I made, because it was peach and almond, and I am awesome. Lani thought Bart was turning 30, which made me laugh. One of Bart’s friends was like “Jo! The last time I saw you, you were upside down over a keg!” which is awesome as a statement. And ummm, then I finished my bottle of vodka, and there were many texts to Dyl trying to find him, and eventually we walked down to meet him on a street corner, and went off to Priya’s prom in Thorndorn. That party seemed to be winding up somewhat, but I talked to someone who remembered me from IRC in the olden days, and I think I was like “oh yeah, you’re the really sleezy guy”, which perhaps wasn’t the most polite thing to say. But yes, the party was breaking up, so we got kicked out, and then there were more more long walks.

Dectective work involved seeing inappropriate emails sent later on to the Wellingtonista mailing list, and in the morning there was a puddle of balsamic oil on the kitchen floor, and a smashed leg of a dining room chair, and today I found the remains of an iskender mostly untouched which suggested that I got otherwise distracted when I got home, and Lani is laughing at me an awful lot. And fair enough I suppose. All’s well that ends well, it’s cool.

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