Since I have sneaky access

Hello fans and friends and family… though I understand they’ve been instructed to keep out?

This is one of Jo’s sneaky readers who has sneaky access and did warn Jo that she might post. So, uh, I guess I’m not so sneaky? Or I’m a very very stupid sneak. Sneaker. I can’t keep a sneakret.


ANYYYYWHO, last night I attended the 3-month anniversary of There were lovely cupcakes that looked like boobs, pink wafers, pink and purple drinks, streamers, Sebastian, Jelly beans… basically so much sugar and food colouring that I may not sleep for days.

Everyone had a smashing time. Though I’m not of the girliest nature, I did use the 4 step Mary Kay hand delightfulnator which made my hands feel like they’ve never worked an honest day in their life. Though probably the girliest thing I did was giggle inanely about how prettyprettypretty Eddie Vedder is.

I came away from the night right before the karaoke… and took with me a lovely gift box with a bath bomb cupcake in it which I might feed to my flatmate if she misbehaves and a CD full of groovy tunes. AND I got a purple bottle of straightening goo from sunsilk which I have used today. Not sure at this stage how much difference it has made because I didn’t use a straightener (didn’t want to goo it up and I avoid that on a Sunday… it’s sinful and Jesus is watching).. I just used a hairdryer. To be honest, at this point, my hair feels no different but the true test will be this evening. If I have rogue curls then I’ll declare it a bust.

Sorry Jo. I couldn’t resist.

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