The Whole Story, by Kate Bush-ish

The story behind this? I am too fat to play Wii Fit, apparently. Even though I’ve totally played it before. Whatever, cunt, fine, I’ll lean on a chair , fuckhole

When I was having sex with you, sex with you was all that mattered. And by that I mean it was this terrible, terrible thing to do, and by contrast any other thought or action or feeling I had no longer seemed to exist. It wasn’t “girl who fucks drunk to cover all her insecurities”, it was YOU ARE FUCKING SOMEONE ELSE’S HUSBAND. It wasn’t a “Is this the best you can go for or are you selling yourself short?” – it was a I MUST HAVE HIM HERE AND NOW AND EVERYWHERE AGAIN AND AGAIN and the really awesome thing about those capital letters is that I felt that you were feeling the same way about me.There was one comment, about how you’d trimmed your pubic hair and had I noticed, that made me feel like I’d done something wrong in having hairiness, and an untamed vaginal bush, but at least that was centred on one area. I’m a fat girl, I hate everything about myself. But the side effect of fucking you,which I never expected, was that I would hate myself so totally and utterly, and therefore that I would forget to hate myself piece by piece and just hate thewhole idea of me. And yes, my counsellor was all “you can’t changethe past but you can try to move past it, so maybe I forgive me for what I did, and I look forward to the futture. But really, why would this have to happen in the months when my fingers are down my throat most of the time already?

Stupid like community and shit.

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