That’s your plan for everything – moving under the sea

I bought Robyn’s wii, and I bought a new Wii Fit, and last saturday some people came over for Wine & Wii. All was going well until I stepped on the board, found my centre of gravity and did some leaning, and then it was all “YOU ARE TOO HEAVY! THE BOARD IS RESETTING” and I wanted to cry but instead I drank some gin after we ran out of wine and was glad that it didn’t do that all the times that I’ve done it at work. It is highly plausible that I put on weight recently, especially with my brief summer diet of red wine & cum for breakfast. Oh, good times.

But seriously wii – fuck you. That said, I’ve been playing at least a half hour on it every day since I got it, except on Wednesday and today in which I went swimming instead. OH MY GoD. Holy fucking wow, swimming feels amazing. I can’t believe how amazing the water feels all over my skin, and how the breathlessness that comes from being unfit translates so quickly to a lightheaded sensation of total euphoria when you’re scrubbing yourself in the shower afterwards. And the lanes – they’re set up all the long way, which seems like forever to swim, but as you get down them, you find yourself over the super super deep parts under the diving boards. I know that I will always float on the surface of the water, reassured by both my levels of floaty blubber and also my absolute belief that I will always float, but the deep deep depths of the pool is a serene temptation, like when you’re swimming in the ocean and you become aware that if you just _let go_, and you could go out into the blue and it would be like, so beautiful. But instead, I was all “omg, I did ten lengths of a 100m pool, that’s totally 1km!” but maybe it was only 500 metres. Still, it was a good half hour as well, both times.

What else? The new flatmate has moved in and he seems nice. He leaves the toilet seat up, which means that I can no longer use an up seat as a clear method of telling whether or not Smoo’s been home.

I’m doing a big presentation at work next week. Maybe I might ask Lisa to do animations for it, or maybe I’ll save that for GOVIS. Her and her flatmate filled me so full of meat last time that I’d be doing the oxy moron signal right now if I wasn’t a lady.

Also while I was at Lisa’s, my computer started totally friztzing out,, and I was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHG but she googled on Pearl how to restore the factory settings and it is now as good as new. Except without any of my files, but with bonus flash back, woo!

I’m really sleepy. There has been some weirdness. There has been some “huh?” and some “”thank you but no”. Those were nice things to happen at the end of a terrbily low self esteem week. I had hoped that all my jiggling around had managed to shake out my ovaries, but apparently not. I really should go ahead and book a smear, and the mnybe I’ll get my bleed as she cranks me open,and I’ll gush right past the light and up into and all over her face.Awesome. Squirter Gyno Doctor Porn! I’m going to be rich. Rich I tells you. And oh man, I would kill for a cheeseburger right now.

Tonight I went to a party in Hataitai that had amazing views, and a totally empty downstairs nad a very seventies pool. I took Top Model photos of Nigel and some guy in it, it was very Fierce. Had you been there, I would have pulled you into the empty walk-in wardrobe in the big empty bedroom, and you could have furnished my rooms.

Oooh here comes my pills kicking in finally, ni n!

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