Shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to

Since I last updated Hubris, I:

  • Turned 31, celebrating with a weekend away in Martinborough and also a dinner at Namastey then more booze and lapdances.
  • Ate a lot of Malaysian food and reviewed it.
  • Got restructured out of a job. Cried a lot.
  • Went to Thailand for a week and had the most fabulously lazy holiday ever. I was going to write it up but I am too lazy. Here are pictures of it though.

    Karen and the pineapples
    At Kata Beach Resort, cocktails were served IN PINEAPPLES. Fried rice was served IN PINEAPPLES. Ice cream was served IN PINEAPPLES.
  • Came back to the (temporary) job of a lifetime at a not for profit that will remain nameless on account of how they are awesome and probably don’t need to show up in search results along with me talking about my vagina all the time, but needless to say they are centred around animal welfare and while I worked there as their Marketing & Communications Manager I was always covered in cat hair and puppy slobber and surrounded by the most dedicated passionate people I have ever worked with. It was also amazing in that it made me feel really competent and that I was helping to make a difference. I miss it like crazy and it’s only been two weeks.

    Arthur and I
    Arthur and I. You should adopt him, he's lovely. Anji took this picture.
  • Started fostering cats.
  • Had a bunch of sex with an assortment of people. Not at the same time though. I also have a mad crazy crush on someone, but they are not someone I am sleeping with, sadly. Except of course that when I really like someone, I find it hard to think about sleeping with them, because I respect them too much.
  • Made an bedroom wall installation called The Plate Project. It’s a combination of Trixie Delicious and Tracey Emin.

    The Plate Project
    The first picture of the Plate Project. Not pictured: 2011's entries.
  • Got a permanent job at a government department
  • Became really good friends with Laura Hungry & Frozen and also her Tim. This has led to me eating lots of great things. Also some tasty food. HEYO!
Now we are slightly more up to date, I hope to start doing updates more often. Kim has been very inspiring lately.

One response to “Shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to”

  1. “entries” 🙂

    Also, HEYO really good friend! Hope your new job becomes as fulfilling in its own way as the last. Love that photo of you with Arthur, wish I had a puppy on my shoulder right now (it’s that kind of morning.)


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