Giving thanks

Tonight Kate, Laura, Kim and I made a pledge that we wouldn’t hang out at all this week until we get together on Saturday and wear red and green and cry at election results. Also, while I’m adding in links, it thrilled me beyond words that Kim said that when we get married she will change her last name to Hubris. But back to the narrative.

So there we were, in a room full of bajillions of people cramming our faces with the most amazing kinds of vegetables and pies ever at Mika’s thanksgiving. It turns out that she lives just around the corner from me, so when we were giving thanks (remember that amazing time I cooked my first ever turkey and it was perfect back at Garland? Holy crapula that was 11 years ago. Woah.), I mentioned that, and how I wanted to hang out with her more. It is nice having new friends. The other thing I was majorly thankful for is that my foster kitty Milo who had escaped on Monday night while I was in Auckland for work and had kittysitters showed up again last night. She is adorable. I should stop crawling into the spare bed drunkenly and hanging out with my fosterinos, because when they snuggle up I’m all like “awww, can’t I keep you?”. And I probably can’t.

I decided since Mika lives so close that I would take a hot pre-dinner snack as my contribution, and it was Thanksgiving-themed, so I came up with these Savoury Thanksgiving Tartlets:

Thanksgiving tartlet filling
Thanksgiving tartlet filling: roast pumpkin, craisins, feta, red onion and parsley

Other things this weekend of note included a Fatty Boom clothing swap at Emma’s. I got to hang out with Ally who I worship. In fact, just between you and me, I used to retumbl pictures of her and call her my secret internet girlfriend before we met. Now of course I’m much too shy to do that. But at least I got into her skirt, even if she was no longer in it. It was also lovely seeing Emma and Simon again, who I don’t get to hang out with nearly enough.

So yes, onwards and upwards into a week with no social events scheduled except for possibly a few drinks after work on Friday with someone I used to work with in 2006 who now works with Anji. Fingers crossed I can stick to the no socialising plan. You’re wishing me luck, right?

3 responses to “Giving thanks”

  1. Another update so soon? Spoiled!

    I think our excitement at not seeing each other till Saturday is a sign of all of our impending mental breakdowns. So excited to be a not so popular and cool person for a week!


  2. The pact is strong! We can do it!

    That dinner was amazing, I wish I knew who made what so I could thank them all individually because there was so much deliciousness. I love the idea for Thanksgiving Tarts, too 🙂


  3. Hooray! Thank you for coming and cramming into my tiny lounge and for the delicious tarts – I was definitely thankful for them. I agree, we need to hang out often and not just cause it’s convenient (though that too). Oh and just adding onto Laura’s comment, I have no idea who made most of the food either… Such a chaotic, extreme thanksgiving! But so good anyway 🙂


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