Pussies and so forth

I have a girlfriend. I say this not because I am bragging (although she is smokin’ hot and lovely), but more because last week a bill towards Marriage Equality passed its first reading in parliament 80 to 40. It was a tremendous day full of emotions that Sarah Rose has written about. I posted this on Facebook:

I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by amazing people who don’t judge me for anything, they just love and support me. I know not everyone is that lucky. I got to march today with some of the people I love the most, in a really lovely environment with some beautiful speeches, and then tonight I was so happy to see that New Zealand is moving towards marriage equality. I have a fuckload of privilege, and I will do my best to use it to help others.

To sit eating five kinds of ice cream (Laura is testing recipes for her cookbook) with ten other people all glued to a laptop watching parliament TV (hooked up to the stereo so we could still hear it over the names I was yelling at John Hayes saying he was voting against it “for his conservative electorate” – the same electorate that elected transgender Georgina Beyer for two terms) and getting tearful over the happy result was a very special experience indeed.

Frankly, my life has been full of special experiences lately. Keith tweeted yesterday ” I am really really liking Enjoying-Work-Jo. It’s nice to see her again!” and I replied that it’s really nice for me to see her too. Yes, I have a new job, and it’s really hard work and there is so much to learn, but it is glorious. My workmates are all super friendly people who love Parks & Recreation and who start at 9am or later, and they’re passionate about what they do, and I am a manager. Awww yeah. I’m even learning to make spreadsheets add up correctly.

It has been Wellington on a Plate season so I have eaten a lot. Reviews are posted over at The Wellingtonista.

I have been endevoring to touch every animal in Wellington. I had a cheetah encounter at the zoo and they purr very very loudly.

I was also invited to a meercat encounter which I will write up on the ‘ista soon. And a woman with the last name Minges sent me a lelo! Hurrah!

On the cat front, I had five foster cats who have all found homes now. And this cat started hanging out at my house and so I put ads up everywhere and talked to the SPCA a lot about bringing her in but they were reluctant to accept that there are stray cats in Mt Victoria, and she needed love so much, and was so hungry, and slept on my bed and fought less and less with Sebastian, so I have now adopted her. Her name is Florence.

picture of a snoozing cat

I suspect what you’re most interested in is the part where I said I had a girlfriend. She is a pretty private person (she’s not even on Twitter! What is this I don’t even), so I will just say we’ve been seeing each other for about a month and a half, officially, and I like her.

And here is a bonus video of the typical sort of carry-on my friends and I get up on drunken Saturdays.

I’ll try to update more frequently okay?

4 responses to “Pussies and so forth”

  1. This post makes me SO happy. Yay for happy times! And all the things!




  3. This post makes me happy too. Kitties, ice cream and other cute ‘n’ cool delights!


  4. Congratulations on all fronts. The Ned and I are delighted you can enjoy the loveliness you deserve. Our regards to your good lady.


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