Flat Out(ing)

Thursday 4; March, 1999

Oh yeah in case you didn’t understand yesterday’s entry, it was a Melrose Place plot line. I’m not going to explain myself any further.

So today was one of those cruisy kinda days, because my first class started at 2pm. So I took the morning really slow, but I didn’t eat breakfast because I couldn’t find any toast – grrrrrr. But yeah. I got to the TV studios, where Brad was drinking a can of that new energy drink Lift. So I go “hey man – do you feel uplifted now?” but him and Trudie didn’t get it cos they thought I was just thinking they’d be uplifted by my being there. Which they should be, but I was also trying to make a really bad pun. Anyways, I tried the drink, and it was pretty standard, but then Brad told me they were giving them away in the Quad cos of Orientation events, so I took off at a run. When Trudie added there was also a free barbeque, I just sped up.

God bless the Mad Butcher, man. Free steak, sausages AND colslaw. I got my breakfast after all. Sure, they weren’t giving out Lift anymore, but that’s okay, cos I had a chat to Jodie instead. Eventually, I dragged myself away to go to TV Workshop. We did Sound today. That meant playing with mircophones, flash lapel mikes, and sound mixing things that have twidly knobs and hang around your neck. And earphones too. We did a lot of singing to try them out. Daniel harrassed me with “Give Me Dope Joanna” in retaliation for other people singing the “Oh Danny Boy” song, and me and Sasha trying to sing the Elton John Danny song.

Anyways, eventually me, Shirley, Sasha and Daniel headed down to Aotea Square to do vox pops interviews with people, asking them how the cameras mounted on the Council building made them feel. We’re doing a piece on Privacy in the 1990s, you see. (Yes, it’s a little bit late, I know). At first I did the interviewing. We asked this one Maori guy, who had a mohawk and he was topless, saggy man breasts hanging down to his belly. I couldn’t understand a word he was saying, he mumbled so much. And he like leant out and grabbed me around the stomach, which was fully ewwwwwww. What the fuck was he doing – trying to bless my baby or something? Anyways, Shirley took over the interviewing after that, and she got better responses from people – bitch. We asked this whole group of Senior Coll posers, and one guy gave us this big spiel about how he had to trek up to Albert Park to “smoke his buds” now. It was amusing.

Took the bus home, and went to bed. My Placebo “without you I’m nothing” hasn’t left my cd player since I bought it. Everytime I take a nap I play it, and without fail, I fall asleep half way through the third track. Occasionally, I’ll wake up at the end of the fourth track, but normally it’s the 10th that wakes me up. How’s that for a fascinating piece of trivia?

Anyways, um. Oh yeah. Clayton thought that Si and I had a big bustup cos I was crying at the end of Shortland Street again (come on man, their baby died a year ago! I love David and Ellen!) and si was mocking me so I was screaming at him, then we both stormed out of the house together up to Shell for chocolate and cash. Gail decided she didn’t wanna come to Shihad with us, so since Si didn’t wanna drive, we had to bus it. Just before leaving I took four no-doze, but Clayton thought I was taking a different kind of pill. Man, everyone thinks I’m so dodgy, when i’m not (ahuh, I just took $320 worth of E. Mmmmm I have the connections and the money to do that, really I do). In seventh form, there was a rumour that I was giving out E to everyone that went to my pre-ball. Hmmmm. Anyways.

We had to wait aaaaaaaages for a bus. So we spent that time talking about Leyton. hahahaha fuck we’re evil. I’m not sure how much Clayton likes him, so I feel a little bit bad. But not allllll that bad. Cos I’m sure he likes me and Simon. And we’re all a bit peeved at Leyton making our lives complicated with all his communal/non communal shit. Anyways. So yeah, bus into town, and we walked down to the Powerstation where we hooked up with Nigel. Since none of us go to Uni, it was $15 each, which was sweetass bro, cos it was SO worth it.

Trigger X were playing when we got in, and stood around talking for ages. It was so funny being in the powerstation, cos I was there exactly a year ago today I think, being (luckily) stood up at a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally bad rave. (Okay, it was a Largered party – hey man – I was new in town and naive). But yeah. Clayton and Nigel definatly have some dodgy tastes in music, eh. Si and I were like swaying kinda to Trigger X. When Baitercell came on, we got up and danced. It built up and up until like nearly everyone was dancing, even the rednecks up on the balconey. It was soooooooo cool.

But of course, it wasn’t as cool as Shihad. Fuck Jon Toogood is SO sexy, man. I’d do him any day. And the blonde guy too. Mmmmmm. They launched straight into ‘Lala Land’ and after being knocked around a little I realised that I’m just too old to mosh, so I scooted back a little. It was reaaaaaally hard man, and the crowd was awesome, apart from the usual topless fuckers, and the inconsiderate wankers who leave their long hair down. So many people went crowdsurfing – I looked up once to see Nigel being thrown around everywhere. I won’t go into their whole setlist and stuff, I’ll just mention ‘Deb’s Night Out’ cos that was just washing all over me something gorgeous. The highlight of the night though, and my favourite song is well, most people’s favourite too – ‘Home Again’. “I’m here, you’re there; don’t mean I don’t care” . They came back for an encore after that, but I just stood there in a daze.

It was like 12.30am after they’d finished, which meant of course that there were no more buses. We cunningly asked Nigel, who lives nearby, if we could use his telephone to call a cab, and he offered to drive us home. He lives in a funkyass apartment, man. And he gave us cocacola, so we love him. I get on so much better with him when we’re not at tech, with all the other Dsters. So yeah, he drove us home, which was lovely of him, and he was very impressed by our house. Yay, we rock.

And it was just so fucking cool to be out with my FLATMATES, and have them be so choice. Like Kelli and Celeste would have ever gone to a concert with me. Or even known who Shihad were! Sure, Leyton’s not a team player, but hey – maybe one day he’ll get the hint and move out. I love Simon to bits, and I’m quite fond of Clayton too. I’m happy.

Ahhhhhhhh bliss. Mostly anyways.


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