Friday 5; March, 1999

Annette’s Journal:

“Joanna is striking too. And she agreed to let me photograph her sometime – yeah baby.”

Hahahahahah. Love it, marry it. Compliments are always good, even if I can’t always take them seriously. ‘Striking’ is a good word. Someone called me ‘Stunning’ once. That’s another good word.

Here, give me some more words

Joanna is:

Okay, um, I guess that’s probably enough of that. Man, I should so be tidying the flat. No one’s done the dishes in sooooo long. And the place is a fucking pigstye. Flatwarming is tommorrow. You’re all invited. I love you all.

But I hate banks. Our auto payment rent didn’t go through AGAIN because the bastard guy who said he’d arrange for it to clear LIED! But the chick today (who probably realised that I was really near crying) said she’d double-check it for me next week, so that’s okay. After taking two wrong buses home (blame simon) I took to my bed with a bottle of red wine. Fuck I’m classy.

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