Too Many Bottles, Lying on the Floor, Too Many Bottles, Lying on the Floor

I woke up, and realised I was lying on like the extreme left of my bed, almost over the edge. Okay, I do often tend to favour the left side (that’s left when I’m in it), but never quite that close to the edge. It kinda freaked me out. I was like “okay, I’m wearing pajamas – that’s a good sign.” So then I thought a little more, and remembered that there were only reaaaaally skeggly people left in the house when i went to bed. That gave me the courage to stick out my arm, and cautiously check the other side of my bed for bodies. No one was there. Phew.

I mean, I hadn’t been THAT drunk, but I wasn’t thinking too straight. After all, it was morning. Like, really early morning. Must have been like 7.30am because Gail said she was going to be leaving then, and that noise probably would have woken me up.

Then I heard my cellie ring at 10.30am, so I had a babble to Clare for a while, trying to fill her in on all the gossip and stuff. So that was cool. It was weird though, cos Heidi sent me an SMS page, and that cut me off with Clare. Bizzare. Nevermind, she rang me back.

Our phone kept on ringing, but every time I refused to answer it, cos I knew it’d probably be for Clayton. And so it was only fair that he got out of bed to take care of it. It was fucking annoying though. I kept drifting in and out of dreams.

But anyways, yeah. The house is such a mess. Simon and I threw out all the empty cans and bottles, and took stock of what we’d been left with. I think the final tally was seven bottles of coke, about half of which were open, but not flat, a bottle of wine, and an can of beer. Score! And there were still like bags of chips and wedges and stuff, so that rocked. Barbeque chips for breakfast.

We hassled Clayton a bit (yeah, like he could get away without being mocked) but no one’s really done much in the way of cleaning. Si and I set up the wings on the dining table again, and brought out my computer. Such net withdrawl, man! I had lots of emails which was good.

Y’all are loving the “Joanna Is” form, aren’t you? Here’s a list of what I’ve recieved so far:

Joanna is:

  • wonderful
  • poculent
  • never lost for words
  • one of my favourite people in the whole entire universe
  • too blunt
  • slack with her journal entries
  • mine
  • yer a wee belter
  • late posting to day

The “Joanna is Mine” one is a little bit disturbing. Sure, claim me if you like, but it’d kinda sorta help to know who you actually were, so I could know who I belonged to!

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