random (but that warning about KFC is still applicable)

Monday 15; March, 1999

Me: “Why am I carrying the shopping?”

Simon: “Because you’re the butch, and I’m the bitch”

(your guess is as good as mine)
Um. Actually I just want to go to bed.

I had a good day. Classes as usual. Interesting discussions, especially about Shirley’s ass.

Simon and I bought a popcorn maker. We put it on his parents’ account though. That rocked.

Isotope is up and I have a column on it. I’m showing a bit of clevage on the accompanying photo. Not much, but if you’re desperate…..

Arrrrrr um. Jo told me today that Roger loved me and wanted to have my babies. Shame that Roger is a ladybug. And in Christchurch.

I left all my best makeup and my toothbrush in Hamilton. I feel naked without them. However Andee has literally no money until Thursday so she can’t send them until then. Damn.

I’m in overdraft too, dammit, and will be more-so by the end of this week. However, that’s toppled all hollow because

PLACEBO ARE COMING TO AUCKLAND. You know where I’ll be on April 23rd.

Oh um and just to fill in space, here’s something I posted to the vision list:

20 Albums You Should Own, In No Particular Order:

(yes, this is so y’all can judge me)

1. Ok Computer – radiohead
2. Live Through This – hole
3. Without You I’m Nothing – placebo
4. Little Earthquakes – tori amos
5. Spice – spice girls
6. Celebrity Skin – hole
7. The Bends – radiohead
8. Dummy – portishead
9. Natural Born Killers – soundtrack
10. From the Choirgirl Hotel – tori amos
11. Melencholy and the Infinite Sadness – smashing pumpkins
12. Exile from Guyville – liz phair
13. To Bring You My Love – pj harvey
14. vs – pearl jam
15. Tiger – superette

Oh god, I give up. There’s fifteen. Gee, what variety I have! No, I wasn’t a grunge-child or anything. And yes, my plaid shirt was and still is my best friend – only now it’s worn so thin that I can’t wear it because I wouldn’t want to risk damaging a valuable historical artifact.

My mother threw out my first pair of docs. I nearly cried.

Oh yeah and someone filled in a form submission on my page saying I was “jealous” – yeah duh! I’m jealous of everything and everyone.

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