Tuesday 16; March, 1999

“everyone whether small or big in our big picture has
implimented a destination in each and every step we have taken.
an arguement, a kiss, a hug, a slap, a kind gesture…all of
it has impacted someone in one way or another.”

I really actually want to quote the whole letter, because it’s like one of the most touching emails that I’ve ever recieved, but it’s kind of personal to her, so I won’t. I’m just amazed at her strength and courage. She’s going to spend the two year anniversary of something bad drinking toasts to all the good things in life, and I think that’s beautiful.

So yeah, big ups to her. Except for the fact that I made a bet with her that I’ll probably lose, so I’ll be $20 in the hole, and then there’s the $10 bet with Kini……… Sigh. My friends at tech have found a new way to hassle me. There’s a certain phrase that they can say that just makes me giggle endlessly for hours, leaving me completly defenceless. Honest man, it’s so shocking – I can’t even insult them back. But still kinda amusing.

It’s so goddam hot today. I’m seriously like melting. AND I spent like an hour in front of the stove cooking a fucking awesome meal (samosas, only I forgot that I didn’t have the pastry receipe so I rolled them up in crepes instead). Basically, I’m too good to Sisi and Clayton. Although admittedly Si is doing ALL the dishes now – washing them so pansy that I’ve very tempted to get up there and finish it for him, but instead I will sit here writing my journal, and thinking that Leyton belongs in the IHC, not here.

Ummmmmm what else? I didn’t sleep very well last night, because it was so hot, but when I woke up, I was freezing cold cos I was only sleeping in a slip under a sheet by that stage. I had a bizzare dream, about snogging someone. I’m not entirely sure who it was – I think it was either Bouke or Ben II. Either way, I was kind of disappointed, cos they weren’t all that great, and it was really rushed and kind of off the topic. Does that make sense? Um, I mean I know the dream doesn’t – but hey!

I got an evil stare from Kate M today. You see, Shirley and I have put down bets on when her and Brad will end up getting together, and since neither of them were in our mass comm tutorial, we decided they’d gone up to the Sheraton for a bit of Nookie – either that or Albert Park. They showed up in our PR tutorial like ten minutes late, with tousled hair and all. Kate came in first, and everyone in the back of the room burst into hysterics cos she had a leaf stuck to her ass. (yeah, childish to laugh at, but it fit in with the nookie scenario so well). Brad came in a trying-to-be-discreet minute later, and we chuckled even more. And asked him to tell Kate about the leaf, which he did, whispering familarly in her ear. That’s when she turned around and sent me the murderous look. I guess I deserved it. Unfortunately, I think Brad’s too wholesome for our nasty little rumour to be true. Still, Shirley and I are sadcases, cos she hasn’t got anyone to lust after in her own life, and as for me – well – anyways.

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