“do you have any irish in you? Do you want some?” -yes please, the sooner the better

Wednesday 17; March, 1999

“Politics would be good if it was like just a show on TV, not actually something that had an effect on the country”

Joanna (Yes, that’s right, I’m quoting myself. Deal)
I was grumpy for most of the day today, because it was like one thing after another.

* I got to TV Prod late, so I had to sit with people who were from another tutorial. Yeah, shock horror and “oh the pain” I know, but that was after nearly an hour spent in transit, firstly waiting too long for a bus, and then having it crawl into town slower than a dying horse in no hurry because of all the mutherfucking traffic.

* We had to watch Holmes in that tutorial. And it was really trajic. Sure, it was fun picking it apart, and Ryan suggesting how he’d do a more sensational story by faking it all, but still! They had a story about this 36 year old guy who’d never had a girlfriend so they gave him a makeover and brought him into the studio. And this is supposed to be at the forfront of current affairs?

* I then had a four hour gap and I was supposed to meet up with a friend, but they didn’t answer their cellphone so I didn’t know where they were at. Shirley and Sasha had booked cameras, so I went up to the TV studio with them. That wasn’t so bad except I had to interview Sasha, which I don’t normally mind except………..

*My skin looked really bad. Like, fucking hideous. At first it was okay, and I looked great, good, gorgeous and my hair was glowing red, and then we had to move into closeups. Which sucked. I want my makeeeeeup bacck. I left it all in Hamilton, you see. So that was really depressing. Shirley was trying to blame the weirdass lighting, and also tried telling me that I have a good face for TV. Hmm. Like, friends are cool and all, but sometimes they really shouldn’t bother when it’s that obvious that they’re otp.

*After that Shirley and I went down by ourselves to shoot some more footage in Aotea Square. I had to lug the tripod down. This isn’t like the flimsy lightweight tripods we used last year, the kind that most of y’all may be familiar with. Oh no. This is a huge fucking ton of a thing, especially when the camera plate and the massive camera battery were in the bag with it as well. Anyways, Shirley had to carry the bigass camera, so I guess we’re sorta even.

*Then once we’d finished filming, she buggered off to the gym or something, so I had to spend like an hour being Nigel-No-Mates. That sucked. I was so grumpy. man. Then I went and talked to Leana about throwing up for a while and that made me feel happier. Well, slightly anyways.

*We learnt how to use Newsboss in Radio Prod. That was weird cos we had to talk, right, to record ourselves, only because I was put on the spot, I had like nothing to say. So I just bitched and moaned instead. Then I edited it all out so all I was saying is “grumpy-grumpy-grumpy”. The tutor was impressed at how quickly I picked it up. But honestly, how hard can it be to do ctrl-c, ctrl-x? She was also impressed when I told her that for my magazine-style piece, I’m going to be doing…… no wait – I won’t tell you. It’s a secret. One of you readers know, cos you agreed to help me. And you can’t back out now. I recorded a message for the next class and saved it under the file name “raunchy” so that people would play it back. I’m such a weirdo. I even disturb myself.

Ummmm it was really hot on the bus home, but I took a 500 with Shirley, so it was okay. And since I was home, I can stop grumping, cos I got happier. Oh yeah, but I lost six pieces of email, cos my computer fucked up just as they were about to download, and Eudora did something weird like “reconstructing the inbox” and the moral of the story is that the mail disappeared. Four were vision list emails, one was a Clique Submission (inncidently, WHY is that getting a sudden flux? It’s only supposed to be people who want to be my friend anyways) but I don’t know what the other piece was. So if you’d like written me a love letter yesterday or something, can you please send it again? Thanks.

Um, oh yeah, evening. Hmmm. I put capsicums in the oven to roast with a little honey, then went and took a nap while they were doing that. Then I made pizza from scratch, and it was fantastic. Gail stayed for dinner and Friends but she didn’t do the dishes like I told her to. That didn’t matter too much though cos Shirley came over to get me, and I hung at her house for like an hour and a half, doing a little drinking and laughing at Nikki and talking to two of Nikki’s friends. I was super tired though, so I rang Sisi to come and get me. We stopped off at Foodtown on the way home for more red, milk and chocolate. The guy at the counter was so stroppy, man. He was like “are you guys 20 yet?” – like what were we supposed to say? “No actually, we’re not but we’re trying to buy alcohol anyways?” So I gave him the most evil glare and said all stroppy “do you want some ID?” Stupid ugly man.

I made a hidi mistake with the red. I brought a shiraz-merlot, and it’s icky. I don’t like merlots normally, but I thought it’d make the shiraz a little less dry on the mouth. Wrong. Well, not wrong, but you can actually taste the grapes in this wine. Surely that’s not what’s supposed to happen!

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