dripping with syrupy goodness

Friday 19; March, 1999

Me: “Lick chocolate syrup off me?”

Kini: “Go Go Gadget Tongue”
I guess the previous “Kini” entry needs a little explanation. Go to her page for it.

I think this whole entry will be about food. No one has any problems with that, do they?

Oh wait, I have something entertaining to show you first:

My, ain’t he sexy?

Sisi brushed out his dreads, tonight. He’s quite proud of his afro. I like it too, only it’s kinda uneven. Not that there’s anything wrong with being lopsided, you know.

I wasn’t so fond of him this afternoon, cos him and Clayton were being right little shits about doing last night’s dishes. I ended up getting really grumpy and doing them, despite the fact that I was out last night. Then Si packed a big shitty at me, cos I was like “thanks for answering the phone, si” after I’d had to get it, up to my elbows in rubber gloves and foam, while he just sat at the computer. Grrrr. So we bad-vibed around until like almost the end of Shortland Street, after I’d cooked fantastic Empanadas. We had a shouting match over the tele. Si and Clayt wanted Rachel and Frank to screw. I so didn’t want that to happen. So far I’m winning, but who knows what will happen next week?!

He’s watching WCW World War III now. Sux to my asthma. But that’s okay, cos I waited until Clayton and Leyton had both gone to bed, and made pancakes. They were soooooo yummy too. I’ve decided that quite frankly, I rock. Si bought some fucking weirdass icecream tonight. It’s bubblegum flavoured, with bubblegum flavoured jelly ripple, and lollies in it. That’s not the most bizzare bit though. The weird thing is that it’s blue like a smurf. Fully fully weird to eat. I mean, think about it. What other blue foods are there? There’s powerade, which looks like the stuff they use on pad ads. We had blue shark lollies in our school canteen, but we spent most of our time trying to figure out what the word embossed on them was. And there’s blueberries, which are actually purple. So go figure.

oh yeah and there’s something new on my blahblah page.

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