And The Most Important Bit is that they brought me back my Makeup

Saturday 20; March, 1999

“I like cricket, but I’m not a lesbian”


“People will think that you’re a bitch, but you just tell them I told you to do it”

I was spitting tacks in the evening cos sisi was on the phone to Annmaree, whom, as we all know, I really dislike. It was honestly making me nauseous how much he sounded like he was flirting. Like, I was jealous – not because I want Simon, but just because I resent her. Does that make sense?

Anyways, I was really bored, and I couldn’t find any friends, so I was just veging around, when Andee rang me on my cellphone at 9pm. She was like “what are you guys up to tonight?” and when I said that we weren’t doing anything, she said that her and Amy were coming up. So YAAAAAAY I was so stoked. That was so cool. They got there like 2 hours later, and we sat around talking for a while in the lounge. The problem was that Leyton was still lurking around, which kinda ruined it for everyone. So we all went to Sisi’s room (no, not very obvious) instead. They were sorting out his Magic cards, so I was scared and ran away to go online. Then they wanted me to make pancakes, so Amy and I had to go buy eggs. Since we were taking Ren’s car, with a fucking kickass stereo, we took a slight detour down Broadway. It was so funny man, we were fully like blasting out Billie and shit like that, laughing our heads off because she kept stalling since the clutch was lower than what she was used to. Well, it amused me anyways.

So yeah, when we got back, I made everyone pancakes, only Ren went to sleep. So we ate pancakes, and watched Mallrats. It was choice. Yeah baby yeah. So cool that they just came up, like they live 5 minutes drive away or something.

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