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Sunday 6; June, 1999

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Simon made me lie to a certain Timothy Law today so that he wouldn’t come round. Phew. Ick ick. However, he brought a cellphone today, so hopefully he’ll give that number out to his little irc pals, rather than our home #. Excuse me while I sms him again. Okay, kapai.

It’s very entertaining. It’s even more entertaining that his computer is up and running now, so we’re both hooked up on our two phonelines, at opposite ends of the dining table. He won’t cyber me. He’s a fucking tightass.

But oh yes, anyways. Weird dreams this morning – drinking games with my parents, Kate Benton and her parents before Mark Farina (not that I can spell) – a rave I didn’t go to, but in my dream was held in some enormas hotelly thing – possibly where Gordon and Teruko got married in Japan. Not that you know what I’m talking about, but it was very bizzare.

Woke up 2ish, lurked online for ages. While eating dinner, i started watching Spice World. For the 14th time. Some things never go out of style.

This evening Si and I went to Video Ezy and got out Tekken 3. We played that till my hands hurt, which was like less than an hour. Then I watched Blade. Fucking stupid movie. What a waste of Stephen Dorff. He just shouldn’t talk, really.

I also want the boys on the mini disc ad. Yes, I’ll have both of them.

I really haven’t got all that much to say. I am aware that the colours of this is like an eighties tampax ad. Classy huh? I was talking to Justine yesterday or the day before, and she was making me a pop tape, because she felt I wasn’t educated enough. Yay her. Pop’s so much more fun than angsty old grunge. (Although I did wear my plaid pajama shirt to the video shop cos I couldn’t be bothered getting changed). It’s so weird listening to songs now that used to be like anthems, and now just don’t have the same emotional effect. Wow, growing up is weird, man. So is moving on.

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