Monday 7; June, 1999

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as kini reminded me, it’s ten days till my birthday. i must stop feeling apathetic. get me pressies, everyone. I hate public holidays. There’s racing on at the Ellerslie Race Course, and I can hear the racing commentary coming in my window. It woke me up, so I got up at 1pm. That’s like, less than five hours sleep.

Yes, I was still awake at 6am. I’d played Tekken until 5am. This is not cos I’m a hopeless addict – well, not completly anyways. I knew that if I went to bed earlier, I would not be able to sleep. Sleep was still kinda fitful. My hands hurt lots, and so did my lower lip. You know those mornings when you wake up smiling, although it hurts to smile because of a grazed chin, and you can’t quite close your mouth properly because your lips are swollen and bitten from kisses? Well, it wasn’t like that at all. But I do tend to bite my lower lip when I’m playing Tekken. Self Inflicted Pain is not cool.

So yeah anyways. I hate it when I over-react to stuff. Or if I don’t know if I AM overreacting or what have you. It scares me sometimes. I don’t want things to end in a really nasty way. If they’re ending.

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