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Tuesday 15; June, 1999

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I woke up really early (9ish) so I could make Simon Chocolate Pancakes for breakfast since I couldn’t fry them up last night. However, the ungrateful little shite skipped out on an urgent mission to Otara. He came back later, but it’s just not the same thing, is it?

I was informed that I’m having a suprise dinner party on Thursday for my birthday. As in “Suprise – you’re cooking dinner for 10-14 people”. That’s okay. Apparently Si’s already gone to great lengths to invite my nearest and dearest. Unfortunatly, I don’t think my ‘dearest’ will be in attendence. Parcels arrived from Anji and my parents today, but I REALLY want for my birthday is my boy. Fuck I’m a sook.

I got pushed out of my own bed today – by inanimate objects even. See, I had so many mass com handouts that when I spread them out on the bed, they just totally took over all the space and nearly pushed me out. I wasn’t too impressed with that, I can tell you! Ick ick ick.

Did you know that ABC is owned by General Electrics, who among other things make lots of planey-wary things for the US government (this is from a handout that’s 11 years old – if it’s changed, don’t bother correcting me, okay?) ? Well, I didn’t know that until today (go NOAM go!) but I knew there was always a reason why ABC news fucked me off so much. I mean, they were SO pro-NATO it was nausea inducing, but I put it mostly down to patriotism and commercialism, rather than vested interests. Ick. The more I learn, the more I cringe to be involved in the media industry. Aaahhhh it’s the shit, bro!!!

I studied almost diligently from 12pm-5.30pm. Then Si came home with John so I had patio recreation with them. John stayed to sit through Shortland Street and PopStars with us. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Pop Stars is over. I so don’t know how I will cope!

Simon’s at Kate’s right now. He came and knocked on my door before while I was studying this evening going “Kate’s on the phone – do you want to go over to her house and get drunk?”. I asked him to quote back to her exactly my response; “naff off – 9am exam”.

Tomorrow I will be writing essays on the Culture Industry, the Political Economy Approach to the Mass Media, and Active Audiences. That’s 3. I need a 4th topic to know, but I don’t have one. Eeek. It’s going to be an interesting exam. I’ll just keep repeating to myself 23/50, 23/50. I used to be a good, diligent student. I asked Penny to confirm that when I was talking to her on the phone today. However, most of the classes we had together she spent drawing pictures of our teachers in fetish gear. It’s so weird that she’s engaged. She told me today that I can be her flowergirl, but she’s going to turn me into a merangue.

I can’t wait!!!

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