Wednesday 16; June, 1999

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I was almost going to go talk to my lecturer and beg off my Mass Com exam this morning because of Morning Sickness, but somehow I managed to pull myself together. Oh yeah, that’s like me being sick in the mornings, but not Morning Sickness actually. Last week I decided I wanted to either get pregnant and drop out of tech, or become a junkie and drop out of tech. But then no one was very supportive, and I pulled myself together anyways.

The exam this morning was umm interesting. I wrote three essays on topics I hadn’t studied. And one on Adorno and Horkheimer in which I called them elitists, and said that the whole Culture Industry theory just reeked of sour grapes and um oh shit I can’t remember now, but believe me – it was REAL scathing. Conspiracy theories perhaps.

Then I went shopping, and managed to buy birthday pressies for four people in half an hour, and they’re all well-thought out gifts too.

Came home, took a nap, watched the Spice Girls doco that Clayt had taped for me last night. He’s a honey. Si and I did the supermarket shopping, and then watched Shortland Street and Friends. Then I rang up Andeee and had a big long chat. Life was good.

I have a great big long list of things to do tomorrow in order to get ready for the dinner party (cleaning and food prep stuff). That’s okay. I mean, yay, birthday celebrations. It’ll be good to see my friends. If only T was coming.

Arrrrrgh. Must-end-journal-on-up-note

Okay. Jo sent me a super-terrific spangledanglishish card today. Here is is:

“Jo! what about this card, baby? You & me, Mt Vic & $20 Sweetcakes! ROWR! Happy Birthday. You are the bestest, baby. Pressie is coming in Welly… I just wanted to let you know that you are the coolest friend a girl could ever want! Also I love you lots & lots. Hope your birthday “rocks nuts”. Wish I could be there for your dinner! love & snogs (hehehe) from the other Jo xoxoxox ps “you’re obsessed with Joanna aren’t you” – Tim

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