My Birthday

My Birthday

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Woke up when Simon got home from his exam with John, so I sat and opened up cards and mailed gifties and stuff like that. Yay, I felt really loved. I mean, I know I’m like super materialistic and stuff, but it’s also the thought is just so nice, you know? To get cool things from cool people that just shows that they’re thinking about me. It’s great. I think I’ve got a lot of scanning to do in the days to come. But I can’t be bothered getting up to get stuff now. I was on my feet like all day, cleaning and cooking.

Dinner went well, I think. People seemed to enjoy themselves and the food and stuff. Si and Clayt wore suits, which impressed me no end. Kate gave me some spyfingers. I got lots of cool gifties and stuff, but I won’t list them all here in my journal, because then i would just seem COMPLETLY materialistic. And I’m not, completly. I just loved the fact that although my friends are kinda diverse and a wide assortment, they all seemed to get on well and stuff.

Anyone wanna come over for food? There’s luscious salad, thai pizza, regular pizza, penne with roast capsicum sauce, and ambrosia left over.

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