Saturday, June 19, 1999

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I was woken today at 10am by someone knocking at the door. So I pull myself together, and stumble out to the front door, opening it to find a smiling woman, man, and two children standing on my door step. The woman apologised for waking me, and I told her it was fine. Then she said “it gets worse – we’re Jehovah’s Witnesses”. She was very friendly, and took it well when I suggested that she was probably just wasting her time. I toddled back to bed and fell asleep again, and it was only later before I realised just how weird that’d been – not only to have a WOMAN canvasing for the Jehovah’s, but also that she did all the talking, and that there were kids along. I almost woulda smelt a scam if it wasn’t for the fact that actually, I was asleep.

I had a really weird dream when I went back to sleep. Or maybe it was before I was woken up. I’m not sure, but either way, it’s left me feeling kinda disturbed. It was so realistic, it was just not cool. I don’t think you want details. Basically, it just ended with huge groups of people yelling “slut” at me while I was cowering on the floor. I’ve only ever been semi-seriously called a slut once, and that hurt lots. In fact, I didn’t speak to that friend for the rest of the day because of that.

Because I am lazy, I went back to bed after I had a shower, to read Calvin&Hobbes books stolen from Clayton’s room, and listen to my Spice Girls tape. That was great. It was also funny when Simon came in to talk to me and laughed at the way I was lying in bed. What he didn’t realise is that I was lying like that in order to stay completly under the covers, which was very much for his benefit, because I had only just taken a shower, after all.

Later I ate pop corn and watched top of the pops. That fucking annoying sunscreen song was at #1. That’s amusing because that song came out here in 1997. I remember it from the start of 1998, when Dave would come into Tracey’s lounge in the mornings singing it while Morphine Matt and I were asleep (me on the couch, him on the floor, thank you very much). That and goddam fucking Natalie Imbruglia. Iiiick More FM mornings. What a patch of trauma that was. Top of the Pops itself was also pretty darn traumatic. Clayton and I had many disagreements over Pop-Up-Video. He was desperatly trying to find a space on his video tape to tape the Counting Crows onto, and I was mocking him for that, and for all his other taste. Then again, he didn’t like the Spice Girls much. Just as well I’m more domineering. There was a Smash Hits concert on Channel 2 at the same time, and man, it was hideous. Ick. I so wanna be a pop star, and sign autographs.

Which leads me to my NEXT point. Tomorrow Si, Olivia and I are all going out west (ick) to go to Lynn Mall (ick ick) to meet True Bliss ( http://www.truebliss.co.nz or http://oxy.gen.nz/truebliss ). YAY! So that’ll be spiffing. Si’s even going home to Wellington a day late so that he can come too. Hahhaha. He’s a sad ass. But I love him dearly.

Last night while I was still up at 4am, Lurker came home from the Carlton and Loaded Hog and violated me. Yes, that’s right – HE PLAYED WITH MY FRIDGE MAGNETS!!!! The worst part is this morning I saw the poem he wrote. It goes a little something like this:

I am Horny Boy, like licking tits

Friday Night Sex is very good

at Raging Party

That just scares me on so many levels it’s not even funny. I am boooooored. Si’s out ‘roleplaying’, Clayt’s in his room, and Lurker is in the kitchen. Ooooooh! I could go study. Then I’d be nice and warm in my bed. Yes, I’ll do that for an hour (so what if it’s Saturday Night – do I LOOK like I have a life?). Someone had better be online to entertain me when I get back!


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