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Sunday July 25th, 1999
Ouch pain in shoulders and right arm. Too much time at the computer! I am a naughty naughty girl!

I didn’t do anything today, except my May archives. Man, I wonder if anyone actually reads all my old stuff. I’m going to continue to pretend that y’all do. It makes me feel important. So thank you. You can always email me or leave supportive comments in my guestbook, you know.

I washed lots of dishes today. We had a reaaaaaally social weekend, but that means more food being served, which means more cleaning up afterwards. Olivia and Morgan didn’t do the dishes, therefore, they’re never invited over again.

Clayton brought my washing in for me this morning cos he thought it was going to rain. That was really nice of him but icccck – I HATE people handling my clothes. Especially my underwear. Ick. Violation.

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