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Monday July 26th, 1999
People are so grumpy, man! Like, Clayton and I had been standing for fifteen minutes in the pouring rain, but we still got on the bus all smiles, and a great big cheery “Hi” to the busdriver. We sat in the seats facing backwards, and all we could see was dozens of grim faces. For gods sakes, people! So if any of you were on a City Bound 400 or 70 this morning around 9.15, you oughta be VERY ashamed of yourselves.

Yes. I’m not entirely sure why I went to my journalism lecture this morning, because they’re not compulsory. Still, it felt like the right thing to do. We had a selection of guestspeakers, all former AIT students who’d done the Journalism major, including Carolyn Ryan, who presents Nightline. So it was vaguely interesting, but not really, because they were all just plugging Journalism, and that’s not what I wanna major in.

After the lecture, Shirley went off to the gym, which left me hanging out with Nigel, Andrew, Peter and Clayton. They went on a mission to buy stupid cds (semisonic) and as I have no life, I had to tag along. We ended up sitting in the food court at Atrium on Elliot for ages, yakking about the rugby. Well, they were. I sorta tuned out. I did have an interesting conversation with Andrew about how he can’t pee if there’s anyone else standing at the urinal. Fascinating.

We had Rosser instead of Wayne doing our Mass Com lecture today, and I managed to stay awake! Or maybe that was because I was just writing notes to Brad the whole time. They weren’t the most exciting of notes, but it still passed the time. Walking up to the bus stop, I FINALLY had a chance to have a tiny little bit of a girlie talk with Shirley re: events over the weekend. She was disappointed in me at first until I explained that I’d definatly made the right desicion, and then she agreed. And all of that in the space of crossing Symonds Street before Trudie would take the plunge.

The bus home took soooooooooooo long coming through Khyber Pass. I saw Clayton sitting in the bus next to mine, but he was all sleeping, so he didn’t see me wave like a freak. I took a nap too when I got home – that was nice. Then I had to perform indecencies for Heather. Clayton was sitting in the lounge, so I was like “Clayt – can you please not turn around for a minute?” and he goes “why, are you scanning something?” so I go “yeah” and explained what Heather had asked for. He goes “is Lurker watching?” which is when I heard Lurker chirp up with “no, I’m in the kitchen looking at the cupboards”. So I did what she asked me to, freaking out Clayt with unnessecary comments like “Oooooh it tingles!” and if it didn’t look so skanky, I’d post it up here. It’s not like it’s something you’ve never seen before, shesh! But I guess the point is that I do cater to requests. Oh yeah and later on I freaked out cl

Um um um. I was excited that on Shortland Street, Rachel’s now working back at the Clinic where she belongs. Yes, small things make my day. I’m going to SPQR for dinner tomorrow because it’s Kate Benton’s birthday. And yes, of course I bought her a fabulous present. No, I have. I would not temporarily forget the birthday of my best friend of the past fourteen years.

I wore my feather boa to Foodtown and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Wankers.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I have a new contents page.

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