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Tuesday, August 8th, 1999

I felt kinda dizzy when I got up and showered and all that fun stuff. I think it was the whiskey from last night. But that’s another story, which I haven’t finished writing yet. I put my shoes on while I was eating breakfast, and maaaaan I felt tall. The floor was miles and mies and miles away. Are my legs really that long? Or was it just my pants and my slightly queasy head exagerating reality?

I had peanut butter toast and milk for breakfast, as I do, sometimes. But then tragedy struck. Lurker was still barricaded in the bathroom when Clayt and I had to leave, which meant I COULDN’T BRUSH MY TEETH!

Major icky, man! There’s nothing worse. I think that’s the reason why I didn’t get a snog all day. Well – one of them anyways. No one had chewing gum in my first lecture (Intercom; government policy towards Maori throughout NZ history), which, coincidently, I had learnt allin fifth and seventh form history class. I love Ms Caldwell. Despite (or maybe because of) the fetish outfits Penny was so fond of drawing her in.

Ummmmm I went and sat by myself in the sun today between lectures, because following my friends around on their various little things didn’t appeal. Despite the fact that I was reading the Herald, I still managed to find some friends – or rather, they came to me.

Shirley gave her lecture in Mass Comm about local content, and I came home feeling all energised and excited about the seminar I’m going to be presenting, which is (currently) going to be on a loose hypothesis that the media can’t handle presenting strong women as anything but sluts, and I will use Courtney Love as my prime example.

OOOOOOOOOH! Exciting news – there were flyers up at tech saying “Are you living in a flat? Outgoing? Interesting? Want to be on TV? Call this number” – and we think they’re casting the new series of Flatmates, which for non NZers is like The Real World, only more real. Yay! I’d so try for it, only I really like this house. Maybe I could kick out the other flatmates and get the camera crews to move in here. On second thoughts, maybe I wouldn’t be all that interesting. “Day 34 – Joanna sits giggling at her computer again”.

I have a headache now, and it’s probably from eating Jellytip Icecream. dammit.

There was like an extra 40 dollars or so in the kitty last week. We don’t know who put it there, because we’re all pretty sure that none of us paid twice. Maybe we have a fairy godmother. Hopefully anyways.

I think I had other stuff to say, but I’m not sure what it was, so I guess it doesn’t really matter after all. Ahh well.

Okay, I should go try get some sleepies sometime soon. Xoxo

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